How Will Decatur Help Dunwoody?

Since its incorporation vote a few weeks back, Dunwoody residents have been really busy….which really isn’t all that surprising since they’re creating a city from the ground up!

Active advocates for the city’s creation are now running for public office (like John Heneghan at the old Dunwoody North) and various task forces are churning out all kinds of reports and codes.  I get exhausted just reading about it!

Today, the AJC reports that the governor has appointed 5 individuals to help create a groundwork for the city.  It includes 3 local activists and 2 business reps.

That got me thinking…how can Decatur help out a new city of Dunwoody?

Well, it already seems like they’re looking to us for inspiration.  Over at Heneghan’s blog, he mentions he’s already looked at the Oakhurst Community Garden for a model of sustainable gardening.  In addition to that, a Dunwoody resident has already set up a new blog, called “Sustainable Dunwoody“, which plans promote sustainable practices throughout the new city.  There already seems to be some online consensus that Dunwoody should strive to be a walkable, bikable, green city.

With those goals in mind, what better resource is there than Decatur?  Beyond pointing them in in the direction of  our 2008 Annual Report, entitled “Sustainability”, what else can/will the city of Decatur do to help DeKalb’s newest city?