Decatur Average Home Price Still on the Rise

I found these interesting charts over on the city-data, that lists homes sales by quarter (instead of year like the AJC). While every single one of the following charts shows the total number of homes sold plummet, Decatur saw the average home price rise the past two quarters after a bit of a drop in Q4’07. Also note the steady upward trend.

To compare to neighboring zip codes, click the continuation…

A look to the west shows a different story for 30307…kinda flat.

A look north to 30329 shows the resulting huge fluctuations in price when # of homes sold in a quarter falls below 20. But again performance is relatively flat.

A look east shows Avondale Estates (30002) with four straight quarters of growth…though counts are small since the population is only a third of Decatur’s.

And a look south shows the scary story of 30032…