13 thoughts on “Free-For-All Friday 7/6/18”

  1. Dang, the Peachtree Road Race was hot and humid. But it’s always worth it, because there’s so much positive energy.

    Thanks to the AJC, city of Atlanta, the sponsors, the volunteers, the people who keep us safe, and the spectators who cheered us on. And especially those who handed out free beer. 🙂

  2. Decatur fireworks. What the heck happened after the rain? That was the most bizarre fireworks show I’ve ever seen… and the only one I’ve left before it ended. Wait, it did end right? Or are they still shooting fireworks (slowly, so slowly) over the city *right now*?!?

    1. I’d love an explanation of what happened with the fireworks, too. We hung in until 10pm and then walked home. It was a exercise in patience..”Ok, that’s it, let’s leave—BOOM!” “Ok, this much be it, let’s leave—BOOM!” We were particularly impressed that they kept going off during the deluge, but staggered to a non-finish afterwards. Much appreciation for whoever was out there in the rain trying to keep them going, though. Dangerous work!

      1. I suspect what happened is the rain shorted out the automated sequencing (or even manual firing by wire), so they probably had to resort to firefighters lighting them off the old fashioned way…One at a time with a punk or some other flame source. Hence the 2-3 minutes between each pyrotechnic, forcing a kind of zen appreciation of each one… 😉

        We were watching from our usual spot atop one of the city’s apartment parking decks, which turned out to be an even better choice once the rain started because we were able to go one deck down and peer out and watch what, for me, was the first large fireworks show I’d ever seen going in the middle of a downpour. After the rain passed the air was extra clear and crisp (and that lovely cool breeze), which would have made for great viewing if not for the glacial pacing.

        Anyway, thanks to the city for forging ahead. It was an unconventional show, to be sure.

          1. Me too, though I’m pretty sure Decatur’s fireworks have never had automated sequencing and have always been hand-lit. Also, the rain-soaked lighting wasn’t firefighters. Just the same rugged crew of volunteers who’ve been doing them for 20-odd years.

    2. I loved it–what a spectacle! Of course I was blissfully under cover while watching the fireworks (lovely), the sheets of rain, and the screaming people. Definitely the longest! I felt so bad for the pyro crew trying to deal with soggy materials. The rain cooled it down. Honestly one of my favorite displays for all those reasons.

    3. Was caught under the particularly intense focal deluge over the First Christian Church lawn. Have never been that sopping, heavy wet before, not even while swimming. So it cracked me up when I finally got into my car, gave people a ride home, and then noticed that the fireworks were STILL going on. I just kept driving in circles around Downtown Decatur to watch it. I figured that the finale must been launched early because of the rain and I missed it, but then, when the rain tapered off, there were still fireworks left over from earlier so it was decided to fire them off, out of order. I also noticed that there was a bunch of colorful action right over the Square that was lower down and didn’t make it up high where all of Downtown could see. At least the parade had dry weather!

    4. The BIG show downtown at the park got caught also. Obviously I wasn’t watching, but they had to scramble to get the big highly-choreographed affair to work.

  3. It is hoped that some truly safe, accessible & usable infrastructure (including traffic lights that allow for safe intersections) is implemented to take advantage of the Decatur Hills that are absolutely wonderful to ride a bicycle on, that there is a significant revision of the present (& new) standards that do fully encompass this, & that present cyclists are taken into account, not just fictional future ones & ones that “might” bicycle.

    Take the lane for safety if needed! Take an alternate route for safety, if needed.

    In particular, a complete revision of the proposal for Commerce &

    1. … that there is a significant revision of the present (& new) standards that do not fully encompass this …

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