Free-For-All Friday 6/1/18

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local issues not yet discussed here over the past week.

14 thoughts on “Free-For-All Friday 6/1/18”

  1. MORE self storage?

    The planning commission is set on June 12th to hear a case to approve the rezoning of just over 1 acre located at 1119 Clairmont for self storage. Over 100,000 square feet of self storage. At the gateway to the city.

    Is this REALLY what the City needs? More self storage? Are the new self storage buildings on DeKalb Industrial and behind the new Chick Fil A not enough?

    1. Could only find the agenda online. Any plans or concepts for this? Looks like they are planning to annex and rezone some county property with this.

  2. Love the postage stamp-sized “tree save area” at the Columbia/Katie Kerr corner. How generous of them to save 15 trees in a 400 sqf area.

    Better than nothing, I guess.

    1. Better than nothing? Hasn’t about 1/3 of the land been set aside in a conservation easement? There are TONS of trees on that property. Just because trees currently exist doesn’t mean they MUST be saved. As long as the project as a whole looks at canopy preservation as one of many competing elements, what makes those trees so special? The bit down by Columbia and Katie Kerr could very well be quite useful space for any number of endeavors prioritized by the citizens who have made their voices heard at the planning and brainstorming sessions. Saving that small patch of trees (just because they are there) is counterproductive when looking at the scope of the project as a whole (and the large number of trees on the property that will not be touched in any proposed plan).

    1. Friday night is pizza at our house. We order in rotating through all the pizza joints in town.

      1. Cauliflower pizza in our house tonight. So I stopped off at Grindhouse on the way home. Fun place to watch the storm roll in.

  3. There was some talk a few Fridays back about some movement on the Ammazza space on East Howard. According to their instagram they are aiming for a July 31 opening date. So we have that to look forward to.

  4. So if we could have any kind of restaurant you wanted in Decatur, what would we want? What are we missing?

    I vote for seafood. What else?

    1. – Bagels
      – Ethiopian
      – Hungarian (I know it’s a long shot–I’ve only seen it in NYC)
      – A true bakery/bread shop something like Alon’s bread and bakery items or the German bakery that use to be located near Home Depot on Lawrenceville Highway; Highland Bakery is more about serving breakfast
      – Dessert/coffee/wine place open until midnight
      – Gelato like in Italy
      – Dim sum place, or Din Tai Fung (Taiwan, Seattle, and other cities out West), or something like The Food Terminal
      – Still miss Jake’s Ice Cream-excellent craft ice cream AND specialty coffees for the grown ups
      – Still miss Indie Bookstore and Coffee, unbeatable combination IMHO

      1. Oh, YES to Ethiopian! That would be wonderful. Seafood would also be great.

        1. In December, there was news that Desta Ethiopian restaurant was going to open another branch at Emory Pointe. Not sure if that’s still on the table.

    2. I am really looking forward to the Korean BBQ place opening in the Arlo. Has anyone heard when they might open?

  5. Just heard Cakes and Ale is closing.

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