5 thoughts on “Eye on the Lake”

  1. A sign there says this is formed by a beaver dam, but I’ve never seen a beaver there. Does anyone know anything more about this?

  2. THanks. Always known about the lake but this is the first pic I’ve seen. Very Cool!

  3. I have seen the beavers swimming in the pond. There is a small dam on the side of the pond in this photo – most of the dam on this side is earthen. There’s another dam further down on the creek closer to Katie Kerr.

  4. Can we go? Is it open to the public, or do they have “No Trespasding” signs? Where can we park? Are we allowed to park at the Methodist Childrens Home and wander around there, or do we access it from the Katie Kerr side?

  5. To echo LOL above, is the lake open to the public for fishing? Catch and release of course… If so, anyone know what types of fish are there?

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