Five Sculptures Being Installed Around Decatur Square

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We received some questions from readers about some new sculptures spotted around Decatur Square today.  Here’s the lowdown from the Decatur Arts Alliance…

​The Decatur Artway kicks off this year as Decatur’s outdoor art gallery, featuring five selected sculptures scattered throughout the downtown square. Sculptures will be displayed on temporary loan for two years, creating a dynamic rotating collection of public art around town. The Artway will include a printed walking, biking, and/or driving tour of the sculptures, a mobile-friendly online tour, and interactive community programming.

The Decatur Artway is presented by the Decatur Arts Alliance in partnership with the Decatur Tourism Bureau and the Decatur Downtown Development Authority.

Community reception of The Decatur Artway is Sunday, October 11, 2 p.m. in a downtown square area.

The photo above are:

  • Top photo: Awesome COD Public Works crew – Work by Ira Hill
  • Bottom photo: Awesome COD Public Works crew – Work by Scott Garrard

Three more sculptures will be installed Thursday – Monday

Take a walk downtown on this lovely, sunny Wednesday and check it out!  And you can read more about new The Decatur Artway HERE.

5 thoughts on “Five Sculptures Being Installed Around Decatur Square”

  1. This is an interesting approach to the selection of art installed in public spaces. I like it. Art can induce emotional reactions. When you know it is a temporary installation it gives you a chance to take a breath; you are not married to it, you can think about it. Good job, Arts Alliance.

  2. The first picture is of a concrete bench that spells “Amuk”. I am a friend of the artist and his intention is for people to spray paint the work in anyway they want. He wants it to be a piece that changes from day to day or week to week. I believe he said the City would post a notice about this near the work. He has done this before including a traveling American flag. For more information on his work his website is here:

  3. “SCULPTURE- the action or art of processing (as by carving, modeling, or welding) plastic or hard materials INTO WORKS OF ART.” (My emphasis)
    Now I know that the definition of art
    varies from one person and community to the next but I wonder if the artist and city leaders considered that once youthful citizens are encouraged to spray paint a “sculpture”, might they consider spray painting other forms of art? Confederate Memorial? Diversity Celebration (Mayor Wilson sculpture)? Eternal Flame Memorial?

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