MM: DeKalb Ave Revamp, Superintendent Announcement Delayed, and Koko Buni


  • DeKalb Ave public meetings may start before end of year [Atlanta Bicycle Coalition]
  • Decatur Board delays superintendent announcement for at least a week [AJC]
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  • Everything you need to know about Ponce City Market [AJC]
  • AVOID the ATL northside highways today – HUGE wreck [AJC]
  • Creature Comforts Koko Buni Can Release Looms [Beer Street Journal]

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7 thoughts on “MM: DeKalb Ave Revamp, Superintendent Announcement Delayed, and Koko Buni”

  1. One thing you need to know about PCM is that, unless things changed since last Friday, no one is pouring any booze.

  2. I oppose the Complete Street Initiative{s}. I think it is a conceptually poor idea & often poorly executed. There being two philosophies within the bicycling community about riding bicycles on the street, ‘Vehicular Cycling’ & that that generally supports Complete Streets. As a driver, I, also, oppose Complete Streets, it so often being poor road design. There is a need for an update/upgrade of the roads that accommodates those that use the roads. What has been being pushed may be a way to get there, yet is not the proper solution. Pushing ideas being supported by one faction, opposed by another, increasing the friction already existing in the community~ & claiming to be by the community~ is a bad idea. The roads remain public & must be treated that way, not as private avenues to be voted on by a handful. Better solutions need to be come up with.

    1. I think you’ll find that people will be a lot more willing to consider your better solutions if you actually identify them.

  3. i kinda regret Dekalb Avenue is being repaved—a drive down it has always been part of my sightseeing tour for history loving out-of-towners: “this road recreates how western pioneers in Conestoga wagons felt as they bounced along buffalo trails in the wilderness”

  4. I am not in favor of DeKalb Ave having bike lanes, there are just some roads in the city that no places for that level of change. DeKalb Ave is a major commuter route leaving Decatur, Kirkwood, Candler Park as well as Inman and others along the way. There are plenty of alternate routes for cyclists to take. DeKalb is for cars and it should remain that way. All along DeKalb or in most cases there is a parallel street about a block inside the neighborhood that has a much better environment for road modifications or traffic calming. DeKalb is in essence an small highway used by thousands of people every day. I am pro bicycle, but in this case they need to find another way. We need our 3 lanes of urban autobahn!

    1. The question that needs to be answered (and perhaps already has) is whether, during peak drive times, the present car count being handled by two lanes (one periodically obstructed by left turning vehicles) can be handled instead by one lane permanently unobstructed, and a second lane reserved for dedicated left turns.

      Such scenarios are easily modeled so I hope that data gets released. What people seem most concerned about is whether or not, after a street overhaul, commuters will still be able to get where they’re going in roughly the same amount of time. If that proves to be the case, I don’t see an issue with any Complete Streets conversion.

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