Burnt Fork BBQ Closing Its Doors

From Burnt Fork’s Facebook page…

Well folks after 4 years of hard work we’ve decided to close our doors. We really appreciate your support and we wish you all well. -Josh and Kara

38 thoughts on “Burnt Fork BBQ Closing Its Doors”

  1. You guys are the best and you have the best BBQ too. We will miss you sorely but wish you well in all that you do!

    1. Harbour? Boo! I just purchase a online deal for them…. I guess I’ll be requesting a refund.

      1. Sean Keegan (HH owner) joined another forum that noted Harbor House’s closing and some complaints about unused coupons- he noted that he would accept them at Napoleon’s in Oak Grove. Could be an alternative to the refund and you still get the full value of the deal.

  2. I dread the day when the only restaurants in Decatur are the kind that sell appetizers that cost $3 and are the size of an oyster.

  3. Great food, especially the BBQ chicken which we loved as much as Las Brasas. The weird layout and sad ambiance of the former Blimpie/CheapChinese was too much to overcome.

    Inexpensive fast casual organic (Arepa Mia, Farm Burger) is the new sweet spot for restaurants. While not organic, I put Taqueria del Sol in this category.

  4. I wish I could be more torn up about this but I’ve driven by only to find them closed on like, Wednesday at 7pm. How am I supposed to give you my money if you’re never open??

  5. Decatur is in desperate need of an affordable meat and two. I still miss Mick’s and (gasp!) the Diner. The problem with Decatur’s restaurants now are all of the silly concept menus that just don’t have any staying power. Decatur is great for people who want to come in on the weekend and eat, but if you live here there aren’t a lot of reasonable options.

    1. And they spend more time on their specialty cocktails than their food. What is wrong with a cold beer or glass of wine?

    2. “Decatur is in desperate need of an affordable meat and two.”

      Our Way Cafe is just down the road!

    3. Don’t forget Our Way Cafe, down the street in AE…even though they like to say they’re in Decatur. Affordable but not cheap meat and two (or three—I always go for three)

  6. We ate there pretty regularly up until recently – the food was always good, and while the servers were professional, the service itself was PAINFULLY slow.

    Still, fountain Cheerwine, I’m gonna miss you.

  7. I hate it when when small businesses go out of business but this place was too expensive (and too little of food) for my diet.

  8. The ambience was difficult to overcome, but the BBQ and sides were spot on. Hope they can find a way to get back into the Atlanta BBQ scene.

  9. There’s no place left around Decatur to get BBQ and a beer. How crazy is that? I guess it will be takeout from Miss Betty’s, Anna’s, or Wyatt’s and a six pack at the kitchen table for the forseeable future.

      1. Speaking of BGE, I am cooking the turkey on mine for the first time. Anyone have any tips or recipes for a turkey on the Big Green Egg?

        1. You can’t go wrong with Kevin Rathbun’s instructions. Use pecan chips for a nice golden skin. Turkey on the Egg is awesome. If you need any help, give me a shout.


        2. i’ve done about 30 turkeys on my BGE over the years and this past Thanksgiving’s was the best: i followed Thomas Keller’s instructions for brining and prep, then spatchcocked it.

          my 22 lb bird cooked in less than half the typical time, was perfectly juicy, and was easier to carve than a whole turkey.

          imma do it again for Christmas dinner.

        1. I have heard several conversations lately, regarding the mystery of how Fox attracts the numbers they do and why people drive in from the suburbs to eat it, but also hear the subset of comments on their poor relations with the neighbors, who bear the burden of that tiny parking lot and get only marginal BBQ out of the deal.

    1. I wonder how much longer Hickory House will be there. Is it the last one standing? If it wasn’tsuch a cruel and heartless thing to do we could put together a restaurant death pool

  10. Loved the food, but they sometimes ran out of pulled pork.
    I want the cool old maps they had on the wall. How can I get them?

  11. Love BBQ. Only went once to Burnt Fork. Pork was too fatty and the waiter ignored us. Never went back. Maybe too many others had a similar experience.

  12. My family is sad; we will miss the mac, the kale, the tofu, the sauces… some of us will even miss the meat. Darn.
    And we never had bad service but we didn’t expect to be out of there in 15 minutes either. The service we got was cheerful and thoughtful. We often took friends there; something for everyone. Darn.

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