The Future of East Decatur Station Could Include a School, Greenspace, More Mixed-Use

East Decatur Station Map

The East Decatur Station Master Plan is much bigger than just the current East Decatur Station retail, office and brewery complex.

It’s about that whole area of Decatur, from South Columbia to Arcadia, which includes the city’s only currently zoned “Heavy Commercial” land. (That’s why in recent years all the breweries in the city (Like Blue Tarp and Three Taverns) and distilleries (Independent) keep popping up inside this area.  That’s the only place inside the city where these businesses can operate legally.)

But it looks like the long discussed changes in this area are about to take off.

You’ve already begun to hear about the redevelopment of Avondale MARTA Station.  But that’s just the beginning.

As you can see from the helpful map above (click the map to enlarge – PDF) there are new roads and planned changes to mixed-use zoning. There’s also potential new green space.

The three partners who own the current East Decatur Station and 35 acres between New Street and Sams Street are planning several mixed-use developments on the site over the next 20 years, according to the paper.

Additionally, what’s sure to get a lot of attention, is the idea that there could even be a location for an elementary school somewhere on the site  The AJC reported a couple of days ago that architect Jack Honderd, one of East Decatur Station principal partners is interested in providing space for a school.

“We’d love to have an elementary school over there,” Honderd said. “[City Schools Decatur] needs land and for us a school fits our vision as part of a complete community.”

Then yesterday, the AJC reported that Superintendent Phyllis Edwards “would definitely like meeting architect Jack Honderd, one of three principal partners in East Decatur Station which owns 35 acres from New Street to Sams Street.”

So I guess we’ll see if that goes anywhere.  For now, you can click over to The Decatur Minute and check out the full presentation from last week’s public info session about the larger project.

8 thoughts on “The Future of East Decatur Station Could Include a School, Greenspace, More Mixed-Use”

  1. The map shows part of Derrydown with the label “Abandoned ROW”. What does that mean?

    1. Probably a red flag for all the families living in that “abandoned” space, huh. With the exception of that I’m very excited about this developing development.

    2. I may be wrongly recollecting the civic/legal education I’ve received on this site, but I believe “abandoned ROW” refers to right-of-way that has reverted to the local government because of disuse.

  2. This would be a fantastic location for a school- I hope CSD, the City and the Developer can negotiate a big positive for all.

  3. How would an elementary school work with the goofy laws about selling alcohol within X feet of a school?

    1. The state passed legislation this year giving local control over that ussue. The Decatur City Commission will be able to opt out and has indicated that this is what they plan to do.

      1. Thanks Scott. I’d always thought those laws were distinctly at odds with higher density, walkable goals.

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