Druid Hills to Discuss Cityhood Next Tuesday Night

Sounds like Druid Hills is getting pretty serious about considering becoming its own city.

Anne sends along the agenda for the Druid Hills town hall meeting scheduled for next Tuesday night, August 20th from 7p-9p.  The Druid Hills website provides some detail

The agenda has been set for a Town Hall Meeting on Cityhood & Annexation to be held on August 20, 7-9pm. Speakers will include Allen Venet, chair, City of Briarcliff Initiative; Duriya Farooqui and Hans Utz of the Office of the Mayor, City of Atlanta; Lee May, acting CEO, DeKalb County; and Matthew Lewis of the Druid Hills Charter Cluster.

Presenters will be available to answer questions from the audience, said Mike St. Louis, chair, Committee to Explore Druid Hills Cityhood Options.  The meeting will be held in the sanctuary of Glenn Memorial Church. Please attend and bring your neighbors!  This issue is critical for our community!

Read through the full agenda after the jump…

7:00 Introduction and Purpose – Justin Critz, President, Druid Hills Civic Association
7:15 City of Briarcliff Initiative – Allen Venet, Chair, City of Briarcliff Initiative
7:30 Annexation to City of Atlanta – From the Office of the Mayor:
Duriya Farooqui, Chief Operating Officer
Hans Utz, Deputy Chief Operating Officer
7:45 Status Quo, Unincorporated DeKalb County – Lee May, Acting CEO, DeKalb County
8:00 School Update on the proposed Druid Hills Charter Cluster – Matthew Lewis, DHCC
8:10 Current Perspective of DHCA; How Community Can Be Involved, Informed, & Heard.
Mike St. Louis, Chair, Committee to Explore Druid Hills Cityhood Options.
8:20 Presenters will be available to answer questions from the Audience.
8:55 Summarize. Remind audience to fill out and turn in SURVEYS*****
9:00 Conclude

11 thoughts on “Druid Hills to Discuss Cityhood Next Tuesday Night”

  1. Druid Hills is considering its options, but forming a city by itself is unlikely. The options include annexation into Atl. Some of the neighborhood is already in the city. City of Briarcliff is another option. Lee May can explain is vote for Clifton Ridge.

  2. Cityhood is unlikely to happen IMO for several reasons:
    * Part of the area is already in the City of Atlanta, which would have to de-annex it.
    * The DeKalb County Commission, after creation of Dunwoody and Brookhaven and the proposed expansion of Brookhaven and/or Chamblee, has declared they want the cityhood movement to stop or at least be suspended.
    * Likewise the previous point for the DeKalb legislative delegation, which would need to introduce the enabling legislation in the General Assembly.

    1. No one is proposing de-annexing part of DH from Atl. In fact some are considering more of DH being annexed into Atl.

      DeKalb BoC and CEO have said County needs to better understand impact of cityhood and that state process is goofy, but no one is actively opposing cityhood movement.

      Placeholder bills for cities were introduced in last year’s General Assembly for cities in central deKalb, Tucker and Stonecrest.

  3. So this is happening at the same time they are trying to become a Charter school system – the first under the new Charter rules. (It was an article in AJC this weekend.)

    I don’t blame them a bit, they have seen how successful Decatur has been in removing our schools from under DeKalb’s “leadership”.

        1. Thanks Scott, you are right, of course.
          Bad wording on my part, but just meant they have seen how a school system could work without having to be under Dekalb’s school board.

          Seems like a no-brainer for parents there to try the charter designation. Not sure if they’ll be successful though.

      1. i’m not so sure about the ridge. that spot would have been perfect for a walmart neighborhood market.

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