Eddie Owen Returning to Eddie’s Attic, Teaming Up with Alex Cooley

First on DM…

Feel like Decatur is due for some good news?  How about this?

Only a few days after it was announced that Eddie’s Attic was being sold by owner Bob Ephlin to well-known concert promoter Alex Cooley and his business partner, Dave Mattingly, vague rumors started swirling around Decatur that the Attic had some “exciting news” that would soon be announced.  Those rumors eventually got more specific, suggesting that founder and namesake, Eddie Owen, would be returning to the Attic to take up his old job as talent booker, just a little over a month after leaving that post to pursue a new opportunity at the Red Clay Theatre in Duluth.

Today DM confirmed it.

Owen tells us that he’ll be back after the sale on December 1st.  He adds, “We agreed last Saturday for me to assist them if they would assist me with Eddie Owen Presents in Duluth. I am honored to associate with [Cooley and Mattingly].”

He also relayed this interesting tidbit, “The 1st concert I ever attended was at the old Atlanta City Auditorium in 1972, the Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, and Wet Willie!  Great show and I will never forget it.  And yep…it was Alex Cooley Presents!!”

Welcome back Eddie.

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  1. FANTASTIC!!! Wow I was really nervous for a few days when I was hearing rumors about Eddies closing and then being sold.
    What a treasure the club and Eddie are to Decatur. Almost every one of my friends that comes to stay with me in Decatur from out of town insist on going to Eddies. To be honest, it is one of the reasons I moved into downtown Decatur. I feel very lucky to be able just to walk across the square to Eddies when I go.

    1. Same story for my wife and I. In fact, we met because of our mutual interest in a rising singer/songwriter by the name of John Mayer, who I had seen on multiple occasions at Eddie’s. I was a member of his Yahoo group, and my wife saw I was on there one day and sent me a chat invitation to ask if I knew about upcoming concert dates. The rest is history.

      Our second date was seeing Matthew Kahler at Eddie’s.

      When we got married and lived in Smynings, we desperately wanted to be in Decatur, and a big reason for that was Eddie’s. In 2006 (after a disastrous detour up to Greenville, S.C.), we finally got our wish, and have no plans to leave!

      So glad Eddie’s back.

      1. lumpintheroad,
        I was with your Mom & Dad last night in Chamblee for a furniture store reopening party. Been to 2 concerts at the Oaks, what a great place for a house concert! I talked to Bob Ephlin last night & learned of Eddies return, fantastic! I look forward to a great future for the Attic with both Eddie and Alex on the team.

  2. I’m not a big fan of the type of music that generally gets booked at Eddie’s, but it’s an extrtemely important piece of the Atlanta music scene, and has been since it opened. It would have been a horrible loss for Decatur and for the regional music scene if it had closed, or changed significantly as a result of new ownership.

  3. Excited that Eddie will continue to provide the booking for the Attic as well as developing this new venue. Throw down, Eddie!

  4. When I was single and living in Smynings I used to drive over to see acts all the time. I got married, had kids and moved three miles from the club and have not gone once in 9 years since moving that way. One day, one day. Anyhow, good news.

  5. The music sounded pretty good in the old Atlanta City Auditorium, bleachers and all.

    Welcome Alex, and welcome back, Eddy!

  6. Great news!

    Eddie’s is one of the things that makes Decatur a nice place to live. Welcome back, Eddie!

    And welcome, Alex. When I was a teenager back in the 70’s living in the sticks in rural central GA, I used to listen to 96 Rock and hear ads for Alex Cooley’s Electric Ballroom. That always seemed like the coolest possible place in the world. And I never got there. So now I guess it will be more like Alex Cooley’s Acoustic Ballroom, but at least now I will get to go.

  7. Welllll…I reckon we can share him with Duluth, if we hafta. Welcome back, Eddie, and thanks, Alex & Dave!

  8. Oh, some great memories presented by Alex Cooley. Was a regular at the Electric Ballroom. And, of course, glad to see you making it big, Eddie.

  9. “He also relayed this interesting tidbit, “The 1st concert I ever attended was at the old Atlanta City Auditorium in 1972, the Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, and Wet Willie! Great show and I will never forget it. And yep…it was Alex Cooley Presents!!””


  10. Cool. Both Alex and Eddie have shaped my musical tastes and enabled countless great nights. ummm… Does that sound scandalous?

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