Eddie’s Attic To Be Sold

From Eddie’s Attic’s Bob Ephlin…


November 10, 2011 – Decatur, Georgia – Legendary concert promoter, Alex Cooley, and his business partner and long time friend, former Delta Captain, Dave Mattingly, will be purchasing Eddie’s Attic effective December 1st, 2011.  In a brief note to the Club’s staff, customers, vendors and performers, current owner Bob Ephlin comments:

“It’s been my privilege to work alongside the dedicated staff at Eddie’s Attic for the past 6 1/2 years.  I’m extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished, and of our stewardship of a brand that, for almost 20 years now, has been dedicated to amplifying the magic of the artist/listener connection in an intimate listening room setting.  I’m grateful for the support and loyalty of our customers and the City of Decatur, and thankful for the many aspiring and accomplished songwriters and musicians that have graced our stage.

I’m confident that Alex and Dave will do a great job taking Eddie’s Attic to the next level.  I believe its best days are ahead of it, and I look forward to supporting its continued success as an advisor, loyal customer, and fan of performing songwriters.

Thank you for your friendship and support these past years, and for helping to remind others that Live Music Matters.”

For more information on the new owners, and their mission, please contact Dave Mattingly at [email protected], or Alex Cooley at [email protected].

11 thoughts on “Eddie’s Attic To Be Sold”

  1. I would be a lot less apprehensive about this announcement if it came with a statement from Cooley and Mattingly about their intentions for Eddie’s. As it is, I’m a little apprehensive as to their designs on the place.

    On a related note, my dad is a retired Delta captain (so was my grandfather), and he and my mom have been running a monthly acoustic/folk/bluegrass house concert venue up in Smyrna/Vinings called Acoustics at Oak’s End for a couple years now (featuring a lot of the same artists that play Eddie’s). So maybe it has something to do with working for DAL.

    1. lump, i would be very interested in getting some information on the acoustics at oaks end concerts. if dm would be so king as to share my email with you would you be so kind as to share some info with me?

      1. Got your email and will respond shortly. For you and anyone else interested: they don’t have a website yet (they operate exclusively as an email list, though I’m working on them to put up a site). If anyone else is interested in catching a performance (or booking one), contact Gregg Averett at [email protected] for directions and other info. He’ll forward you the lineup for next few months and directions.

        There’s actually a two-act show this Saturday (Nov. 12) evening at 7:30 (I’ll probably be there if you’d like to meet The Famous Lump). It’s Veronika Jackson and Juliana Finch.

  2. Alex Cooley — he brought us The Electric Ballroom, MidTown Music Fest, Great SE Music Hall and on and on. He will understand what Eddie’s is about. Also, when you consider what Alex Cooley (and Charles Loudermilk) recently did for the Buckhead Theatre — wow! — I’m not so worried about Eddie’s.

    1. On the way to the Buckhead Theater as we speak to catch the Artist’s Den taping of Iron & Wine (and then going again tomorrow for the regular concert with Marketa Irglova).

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