Garrett Goebel Campaign Says He’s Won District 1 School Board Seat

According to Garrett Goebel’s campaign, he has won the District 1 school board seat being vacated by John Ahmann.  More details as we get them.

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  1. Agree that two good candidates ran thoughtful, objective, positive, respectful campaigns. Thank you to both of them for not using divisiveness as a campaign strategy. The active listening that both demonstrated was refreshing. And if SPLOST has been approved as it seems to be, I am feeling good about the future of City Schools of Decatur.

  2. The official results can be found at:

    We received 64% of the vote.

    Thank you Decatur for the trust and confidence you have placed in me. I will do my best for Decatur. -Thank you to all my supporters and volunteers. The victory tonight is yours.

    I would like to recognize Peg. She ran a good clean race. It unfortunate that when two good people step forward to serve, that only one can take the job. I wish her the best, and hope that she will run again.

    I look forward to working with my fellow board members. Tomorrow we move forward together.

    1. Congrats Garrett. You got my vote with your statement “more is not better, better is better”. I just watched John Stossel’s commentary on education in America. Sobering. If you haven’t seen it, please do so for me and your constituents. It makes me cry when our children are denied in preference to politics. Don’t ever forget “better is better”!

  3. The preliminary numbers indicating that 2,103 folks voted in the Garrett/Pam race. That means that 22.5% of registered northside voters, of 25.4% of eligible “active” voters, cast a vote. (As we learned in the early 2000s during the effort to put the closing of Westchester on the ballot, the list of “registered voters” is padded by about 10% to include many people who have moved or died. “Active voters” are those who have cast one or more votes recently and probably is a more accurate measure of the number of voters. Decatur has about 15,681 registered voters and 13,954 “active” voters.)
    The citywide vote for the alcohol referendum drew 3,748 votes, which was was 23.9% of registered voters and 26.8% of active voters.

  4. I have worked with both Pam and Garrett and there was no way to lose on this vote.
    I just wish we could have them both! Pam, please stay involved- we need you!

    Congratulations Garrett!

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