Melton’s App & Tap Closes Temporarily

Tamara writes in that Melton’s App & Tap was closed last night when some family members went to visit.

Sounds like it’s only temporary.  From Melton’s Facebook page

As some of you may already know, due to circumstances beyond our control we had to close the restaurant yesterday. We will temporarily be closed and will let you know when we re-open. Thanks so much for your patronage.

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    1. As if Nellie confirming my self-assessment wasn’t enough, try this: It’s just a bit outside City of Decatur but get yourself to Fox Bros for the Tomminator (tater tots covered with Brunswick stew and cheese) or the Lopez (tots with brisket chili and cheese). You’re welcome…

        1. My brain shuts off when I walk into Fox Bros. They have $6 pitchers of Yuengling, a Jager machine and the best smoked wings ever. Apparently my brain knows how to pick its fights and this is clearly a losing one.

    2. As much as I like most of the stuff on their menu, I can honestly say that Melton’s nachos are among the worst I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. I’ve given them three tries, and, well, three strikes, you’re out! Yech.

      1. I’ve tried meltons 4 times, 3 of those with my old boss, he loved it, I just thot it was ….ok..
        tried it once with the wife, and it may have been an off night for meltons or something, but it was a horrible experience.

  1. I would assume it’s the same issue that’s closed the Pet Supermarket. They’ve been doing renovation work on that store and about a month or so ago they mentioned unexpected problems with the roof and ceilings. Personally, I hope it’s temporary because if I can’t get my dilled chicken sandwich with veggies and dip from Melton’s when I don’t have the time or inclination to cook at home, I’m going to get a lot and fatter and unhealthier on Publix fried chicken take-out!

    1. that was my first guess, I saw them putting up the signs about closing for a “few days” at PS, lo and behold that was weeks ago now.

  2. On the Medlock neighborhood fb page, someone wrote that its because PS has a huge RAT problem. Apparently, an employee from the Toco Hills PS told a customer that N. Decatur PS was closed because of large rat infestation. I hope that that is not the case!!

    1. We were in the pet store recently, a couple of days before it closed, and the smell was unbearable. It smelled like a rodent infestation; we thought it was the pets they sell, but the whole building smelled awful.

      1. The area outside Melton’s has had a huge rat problem for years. I know somebody that lives on one of those streets running down beside it and he says he sees them running all around the back door/dumpster area at all hours of the day. Makes sense that with all the pet food/seed/etc that they’d find a way to pillage PS.

        1. I live a few blocks away – about 3 houses outside of the city limits – and had a rodent vistor on my porch this weekend. Never seen one before – wonder if they are being run off and heading to our neighborhood?

          1. There are rats everywhere – in the woods, in the city, everywhere. Around here, they particularly like the readily available seed found in bird feeders.

            1. Hmmm – so maybe I should have swept up all the seed from that birdfeeder that fell on the ground 6 inches from where the little bugger was found 🙂

              Thanks – sounds silly, I know, but rats are a new experience for me!

        2. my wife just told me that someone she knows talked to an employee from that PS, and aparently, the pest guy was killing over 50 rats a day a few days before they closed the store, and had to take the inside down to the studs.

  3. Brad,
    Irish nachos they ain’t, but Universal Joint has – or at least used to have – a similar app. Fries covered with lots of cheese, bacon and some other stuff.

  4. I was wondering if anyone knew how long this problem had been going on and if any of Melton’s health inspections showed evidence of rat droppings, etc. Since our family is very fond of Melton’s, we’re hoping the infestation was centered in the pet store and Mel’s was a recent victim of this rodent invasion.

  5. I thought PetSmart closed b/c they made everyone mad with that scam of a frequent shoppers card where you buy 10bags of dog good & get the next one free. They made it imposdible to get the deal & every time I was there someone was mad about it &I wii going there

  6. According to the July health inspection report – the latest report available – the restaurant’s grade dropped to a “C” for having issues with food handling. Here’s a link to the report – It says that an employee was handling cheesesteak meat with bare hands, but said it’s a repeat violation. The restaurant also had issues with food cooling/temperatures. Perhaps the inspector came back again but no report is yet listed.

    1. PS: No previous reports show a rat infestation. I wouldn’t rule out anything, but the reports don’t tell the rat story.

  7. That building has always had a rat problem, and always will. The building behind it is the old location of the Dekalb Farmer’s Market. When we were kids, we could hear rats fighting in there at night. It was so loud it sounded like puppies fighting, that’s why I remember it. Until the wood place came, they couldn’t get a tenant because of the drainage and rat problem- a friend of mine looked at the place for his business and reported seeing rats in the middle of the day. He said there were obvious problems with the roof, and this was probably ten years ago. Whenever they would try to get rid of the rats, they would just hide in another part of that complex, or in people’s yards, and then come back later. I honestly think it wouldn’t be a bad thing to tear down the whole building and start over.

    1. And the piles of wood are a perfect habitat for rats also. Plenty of places to hide, abundant nearby food supply–that complex of businesses is like a planned community for rats and mice. I’ve seen outdoor rat poison stations around Melton’s for at least a year, so they clearly were trying to keep the critters out of their space. To be fair, I think rats are a big problem all over town.

      1. + 1 on rats being a problem all over town. I no longer allow any bird seed on our property because it’s a rat magnet. Anyone know a good Pied Piper?

        1. Indeed. About 5 years ago they managed to sneak into my attic and set up shop there. Late at night you could hear them moving around up there. It cost me about $2,500 to hire a professional service to guarantee they’d get rid of them, and they did. A good tip is to make sure tree branches stop about 4 feet shy of your roof. Any closer and the roof rats will hop onto your roof and find their way in.

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