UPDATE: Decatur Diner Sold

UPDATE: According to Schumacher, the new owner of the Decatur Diner is Nadul Khan.  Mr. Josovitz describes Mr. Khan as “very experienced in the restaurant business, very nice and was a pleasure to work with on this transaction. He will be a hands on owner.”


The Schumacher Group has a brief announcement on its website

The Shumacher Group, Inc. and Steve Josovitz has just sold the Decatur Diner located at 205 East Ponce De Leon Avenue, Decatur, GA 30030-3405 at Church Street in the heart of Downtown Decatur.

I’m trying to find out a bit more info.

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      1. Mmmmm, Noodle. The power of suggestion is making me ask myself if I should I have the peanut sauce dish, or yellow curry bowl for lunch? Both equally tasty.

    1. I dont think this necessarily means it is closing, but it wont break my heart if it does.

      Just this morning, I was blinded by the neon, wrapped up like a deuce in too big a menu selection

    1. If there is a problem in this burg, it’s for restauranteurs who are not able to excel in a very competitive scene.

    2. Sold means someone bought the business, i.e. someone wanted it and was willing to pay for it. Closed means it went out of business.

      So I’m not sure how this means the restaurant biz in Decatur is problematic. Seems to indicate the opposite.

      1. I seem to remember a certain article from the local paper from just this Sunday that would add more evidence to TeeRuss’ assertion that Decatur restaurant biz is the opposite of problematic.

        As for DD: I don’t know that I would invest in it myself, I have other priorities, but I do like the concept and hope the new owner cleans things up, improves execution and leaves the tacky decor – inside and out. This down-to-earth guy likes the down-to-earth look and the escape from the yuppie throngs.

      2. On first blush, the news reminded me of other places closing their doors, over the last year. I’m not sure there’s a list anywhere, but the numbers might surprise you.

        Even a successful enterprise is closing its Decatur doors to move several miles away.

  1. Huh. Was the time getting the space ready for opening longer than the actual time the restaurant has been open?

    I’d welcome a good 24-hour NJ-style diner in that spot.

    1. I think so, yes, TOK. The first mention of a diner going into that space on this blog was Oct 2009. It opened on February 14 of 2011. Sixteen months of anticipation and less than nine months of operation to date.

  2. Hope the new owners replace the awnings, sand blast the paint of the stone wall, and keep the kitchen clean. Outside of that I welcome them to Decatur and wish them great success.

    1. That has been established as fact. I suspect someone else in “the family” bought it as some sort of money laundering scheme.

      1. So, if this is such an open secret….why aren’t we collectively Fox5 I-Teaming the perpetrators?


        1. Nobody has been able to pin any solid accusations onto them, that I know of. However, look at all the places they’ve opened and run into the ground. Somehow they’re able to keep doing it over and over again. And they never go broke, or have trouble finding the money to get these dumps up and running before their guaranteed failure. [edited]

  3. The question of the hour: “Did they simply sell it to a related entity?”

    Restaurant insiders – Inquiring minds wanna know.

    1. But if they did that, why use a broker? Do they need the appearance of a legit transaction for some reason?

  4. According to Schumacher, the new owner of the Decatur Diner is “Nadul Khan”. Mr. Josovitz describes Mr. Khan as “very experienced in the restaurant business, very nice and was a pleasure to work with on this transaction. He will be a hands on owner.”

  5. thats odd. google has 3 results for “Nadul Khan” 2 of which are this article on DM and 1 on patch.
    i smell something fishy going on with the diner.
    I walked past it twice today on the way to/fro the library and noticed in the back booth by the “employee entrance” the same guy i’ve always seen there, that I assumed was one of the owners, larger, surly looking fellow. maybe he’s simply a manager… who knows.

    1. It’s beyond sketchy. There is no Nadul Kahn or Nadul Khan to be found anywhere on intellius, either.

      1. this is probably true. i will follow in their footsteps and sell my business to a khan nadul. i will make him out of a broom and put a t-shirt and wig on him! it’s a master plan, clearly nothing can possibly go wrong.

  6. also fishy: health inspection 2 days in a row. back in late September they received a 42 (gross) and the follow-up inspection where they received a 77 was the very next day. usually restaurants are given about a week to correct their violations. what was the rush to re-inspect on this one? and why 3 (not counting re-inspections) health inspections in 7 months?

  7. I bet Mr. Khan converts it to an American Deli. Does anyone know what the police action was on the Decatur Diner patio at about 4:15 on Monday? It involved two Decatur officers, a couple of guys in ties, and five or six men who looked like they could be kitchen workers.

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