Morning Metro: Cakes & Ale Design, Organic Hops and an Award-Winning Student Video

12 thoughts on “Morning Metro: Cakes & Ale Design, Organic Hops and an Award-Winning Student Video”

  1. What restaurant is for sale? Cafe Lily? Sounds too big for Cafe Alsace. Description and Chef Owner made me think Lily.

    1. My guess would be Parkers but the liquor thing threw me off. Do they not have a full bar? Lily has lunch. I can’t think of any restaurant that meets this description that is closed for lunch other than Parkers.

      1. It’s a restaurant that’s still open and even if it was, Watershed was open for lunch and had a full bar.

    2. My guess is Isabella’s. It’s on a high-trafficked road and it’s got a main dining room with a separate section that opens onto it. I know the ad says it’s steps from downtown, but that’s an ad for you.

  2. Cafe Lily and Parkers both already have full bars, so the ad, if correct, couldn’t apply to them. Chef/owner reference should be a clue. Cafe Alsace would seem to be too small. I guess Feast.

  3. Nope, can’t be Feast, I just realized, because the ad says they are closed 2 days a week. I’m stumped, because the ad implies there is not presently a full bar, but the only place I can think of that is closed 2 days a week is Parkers, which has a full bar.

  4. My mistake; I was mixing up Parkers schedule with Cakes and Ale, which obviously isn’t closing. I just cannot think of anywhere that meets the description in the ad.

  5. A gentle plug to let readers know that the “IB at Glennwood” video reflects the 4th and 5th years of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. -Which moved this year to 5th Avenue. Glennwood has re-opened this year as a K-3 Elementary. Our K-3 schools are Expeditionary Learning schools.

    International Baccalaureate:
    Expeditionary Learning:

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