Finally! MARTA App and Website Detail Bus Locations in Real-Time

Ever since we discovered the CLIFF shuttles real-time bus locations website that shows you little icons scurrying along a map of the Decatur/Emory/Atlanta region, we wished that MARTA had something similar.  If we had a better idea of the location of buses, perhaps some of us might be more inclined to hop “the 2” into Atlanta every once in a while.

Well, sit your walking/cycling-toned butt down, because apparently it now exists!

With no fanfare or publicity, CL’s Thomas Wheatley just happened to stumble across info that led him to report that MARTA’s iPhone app and this website now gives you real-time MARTA bus-location info. Maps, schedules, arrival times, departure times.  It’s all there.  MARTA calls it “Precision Real-Time Bus Monitoring”.

Great move by MARTA making this happen.  Not so great that there isn’t more publicity surrounding it.  Either way, get on the bus!

Decorate Decatur Halloween Winners Announced

Decatur has announced the winners to the second annual Decorate Decatur Halloween contest.  You can view photos of carnivorous and spook-filled homes over on The Decatur Minute.

As for the grand prize winner, they were actually featured on DM a few days ago!  All hail our scarecrow overlords!  Check it!

Photo courtesy of The Decatur Minute

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