Little Wine Shop Opening in Avondale Estates

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I thought you’d like to know about a new boutique wine shop opening in September in Avondale Estates. The Little Wine Shop will specialize in international, eclectic and affordable wines in a cozy, neighborhood environment. Artisan foods such as H &F breads, specialty meats and cheeses, olives, pates as well as wine-related gifts like corkscrews, wine stoppers and branded items will also be available.

The Grand Opening—open to the public–will be held on Thursday, September 30 from 7-10pm. Guests can sample wines as well as artisan cheeses and H&F breads. The first 100 guests will receive an eco-friendly, reusable canvas tote stocked with The Little Wine Shop favorites.

The Little Wine Shop is located at 100 North Avondale Road in Avondale Estates.

10 thoughts on “Little Wine Shop Opening in Avondale Estates”

  1. This is great. Hope the folks in the neighborhoods give them some business.
    A unique wine/artisan food shop will be great for the area.
    Yay for Avondale.

  2. I hope it works out but it just seems like that community is against change of any sort. Wasn’t the Publix supposed to open years ago?!? It’s a shame given all the activity in Downtown Decatur.

  3. I don’t think the community is against change, it’s the city commission that keeps putting up roadblocks to development. Unlike Decatur’s, the Avondale city commission tries to keep too much control & drives developers & investors away. The Publix thing is a good example…Publix was ready to go & the commission kept needling them with demands. Then the economy went sour & the developer lost interest. I know that many residents want Avondale to be more like Decatur, but I doubt it will ever happen with the current leadership in place.

    Hopefully this new, trendy wine shop will be the start of good things to come in Avondale.

    1. I don’t think the developer lost interest as much as their funding dried up. The last report was that the developer had gotten new financing and was planning to start work again soon.

  4. When Savage Pizza opened in Avondale they had to jump through an absurd number of hoops. A former CSD teacher is the co-owner. Apparently it felt as if Avondale was trying to put up roadblocks.

  5. Dropped by the wine shop yesterday and will definitely be going again. Wonderful wines, great breads, delicious cheese at good prices. Best of all, the staff is cordial and helpful. The upstairs loft is exactly right for wine tastings and other gatherings. I’ve been in the AE area (north of the MARTA tracks) for years and welcome anyone brave enough to withstand the city’s roadblocks. All the vacant storefronts can’t be blamed solely on the economy!

  6. Went to a sneak peek event last week. It’s a great space, and they seem to have some affordable and interesting wines. I’m looking forward to when they’re fully open.


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