John Mayer Plays Eddie’s Attic

And by “plays” I actually mean “played”.

In usual fashion for these sorta things, around 10pm last night John Mayer tweeted

Atlanta people! Lets jam out at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur. 11:30pm. Heading over now.

Richard Eldridge of Atlanta Magazine reported from the scene

Hundreds of people immediately packed into the club. And out the door. And down the square.

We’ll give you a reference point. On Sunday, Intel tried to gain entrance into the beyond-capacity AJC Decatur Book Festival-sponsored Edgar Allan Poe puppet show presented by the Center for Puppetry Arts at Eddie’s Attic.

This was bigger.

Here’s a concert-goers pic from the show, and @Carl’s pic of the line outside.

After the concert, Mayor wrote…

Can’t explain the fullness in my heart from returning to Eddie’s Attic. My launching pad. I’m so moved.

Anybody catch it?

h/t: DaveFM (via the misses)

9 thoughts on “John Mayer Plays Eddie’s Attic”

  1. I remember when John was the doorman at Eddie’s and went to his first album release there. He told me his plan was to be signed within the year and the first thing he would do was to buy a big house for his parents. We all thought he was just naïve….

  2. As soon as I saw his tweet I grabbed my roommates and rushed to Decatur from Buckhead but the line was too long. We ended up getting beers at Taco Mac instead. Wish we lived closer.

  3. It was an amazing show. He played 3 cover songs (Inxs – “Never Tear Us Apart”, Bill Withers – “Ain’t No Sunshine” and Bob Dylan “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright”) along with Who say, Half of my Heart, and finished off the show with Why Georgia. It’s cool knowing I was one of only 274 people that could get in!

  4. I saw him there two or three times back around 2000 or 2001. I remember one show in particular, I had no problem getting a seat right down front, maybe four feet from him. Tried to buy a CD from him after that first show and he had run out and had to go get more out of his trunk. The final time I saw him at Eddie’s, I could barely find standing room in back. The next time I saw him, he was playing an outdoor show in Athens to 20,000 people or so. And not too long after that, he was breaking the Centennial Park attendance record with India Arie.

    I’m less of a fan these days, as he seems determined to be crowned King Douche, but he is the reason I met my wife, so I’ll always have a certain affection for him.

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