Renfroe Garden Recovers From Vandalism, Gains New Art

Barrett writes in…

Just thought I would share some positive news about the Yes to Yum Garden at Renfroe.

The garden has recovered well from last month’s vandalism with the help of DREAM Camp’s All Girls Green Team and some very helpful city employees. I have attached some photos of some new garden art that was created by the kids of DREAM Camp. The project was facilitated by our art instructor Terry Greer and was made over a three day period. All of our middle school campers participated and were very excited to welcome the new addition to the garden.

9 thoughts on “Renfroe Garden Recovers From Vandalism, Gains New Art”

  1. I LOVE this! These pictures of the restored garden are reassuring and inspiring. Dream Campers rock! Let me put in a plug for Decatur Rec youth services here–the camps, after school programs, tutoring, and sports. They are awesome, time and time again, an incredible community asset. The things my kids have learned and the places they’ve visited through Decatur Rec activities are phenomenal. For us, Decatur Rec builds community, pulling together families from all sides of Decatur, more than any other institution in the City. The schools are great but we still have “northside” and “southside” politics and a necessary focus on academic instruction. Decatur Rec is there for kids way before they are old enough for school, takes them in the afternoon after school ends, provides sports and other activities evenings and weekends, and cares for them all summer and during school breaks. Thank you taxpayers (pat on back to tax-paying self too)!

    1. Just read my post and realized that it may give the impression that Decatur Rec services are freebies that the taxpayers are footing. Wrong! There are reasonable fees, higher for non-residents than residents, and sliding fee scale for those who need it. But the City of Decatur DOES support youth services by organizing the program, giving it a great mission, and hiring the right staff that know how to pull a community together through fun, learning, and sports.

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