More Details on Winnona Park Tornado Siren Vandalism

WSB has a new video report on the tornado siren vandalism, which took place at Winnona Park Elementary last week.

According to WSB, the graffiti in the parking lot reads “Siren is EMC boondoggle.  Who is responsible?”

Decatur Police Chief Mike Booker states there are currently no leads in the case.

h/t: InDecatur

18 thoughts on “More Details on Winnona Park Tornado Siren Vandalism”

  1. I’m still not convinced this was anti-siren vandalism. The message could just be a code for anti-annexation sentiment. 😉

    1. Is that a slightly veiled hint? Do you know someone near the school that frequently uses the phrase, boondoggle?
      Personally I’d like to think, since this is Decatur, we have some fairly advanced and sardonic teenagers that just found it humorous to mess with the bigguns.

      1. Ooooh. “Sardonic”! Only in a Decatur blog would words like “sardonic” be used more often than #@!$%#. If the parents hear “sardonic” at the dinner table, they are definitely capable of using “boondoggle” in their grafitti. Not that I’m accusing Gibbetts’ offspring. Decatur is full of erudite parents.

        1. Ooops. I meant, if the TEENS hear the parents using “sardonic” at the dinner table…. I guess my kids won’t be exposed to too much erudition and all the boondoggles, I mean problems, it brings.

  2. I still think that a nutcase is responsible. Emergency Preparedness attracts would-be cops and homeland security agents who are actually off their rockers. Anyone sane would know “who is responsibible”.

    Or it might be 4th and 5th graders who were using up their pent-up energy since they don’t get regular recess and PE anymore on their dangerous and undersupervised playgrounds. ; )

  3. I would question the neighbors, particularly the one’s who made such a stink about the placement of this warning siren, one of whom complained on this blog.

    I can’t remember who it was, nor can I find it in a comment thread, but I know I remember a discussion of it.

    I also think it is peculiar that the vandalism happend a day after a monthly test was done. That test must have sure disturbed someone, likely a neighbor.

    1. The person to whom you refer does not have it in her to vandalize school property. Nor is she immature enough to complain in such an anonymous and counter-productive manner. If she has something to say, she says it openly and uses her real name (which is more than I do, sometimes).

      1. Plus, if she were going to scrawl graffiti directly in front of her house (or anywhere, for that matter), it would be intelligible, witty, and properly punctuated.


  4. Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared?

    Boondoggle Troll always forget equals sign and little 2 above c.

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