WSB Covers Stepped Up Security at Friday’s DHS Football Game

We’ve been having some trouble embedding certain video recently, but Deanne points out this WSB report covering the stepped up security at the DHS football game Friday night.

And though it isn’t mentioned in the report, Decatur beat Clarkston 42-10, improving to 4-0 on the season.

Shots Fired at DeKalb School Just South of Decatur, No Injuries Reported

From WSB

Channel 2 Action News has confirmed that one person is in custody after shots were fired at a DeKalb County elementary school.

The DeKalb County schoolboard chairman said there was an active shooter at Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy. Channel 2 Action News has confirmed with multiple sources that the suspect is a white man in his 20s who was armed with an AK-47 and dressed in black.

City Schools of Decatur wrote this message on their Facebook page…

There is a situation at an elementary school on 2nd Avenue in DeKalb County. This school is not part of the City Schools of Decatur. You may see an increased police presence around the City. Please check your local news for more information.

If you need to get your bearings, McNair Discovery Learning Academy is located south of East Lake Golf Course.  Here’s a map.

Imaging the Atlanta Beltline

The massiveness of the project and a decades-long timeline makes the Atlanta Beltline an awfully difficult project to envision.  But this 2-part WSB report from back in August, which I JUST came across, does a pretty good job of putting the project in perspective if you haven’t seen it.

It’s obviously a bit dated at this point, many projects are further along than shown here, but it’s still a great overview if you’re interested in such city-altering planning projects.

Part 2 after the jump.

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DeKalb Medical Armored Truck Robbery “an Inside Job”

WSB is reporting that a Loomis employee, Oklevibus Thornton, has been arrested in connection with the armed truck robbery at DeKalb Medical last week.

One other person suspected of driving a “switch vehicle” has yet to be captured.  According to WSB, Loomis is offering a $50,000 award for info resulting in that person’s capture.

More Details on Winnona Park Tornado Siren Vandalism

WSB has a new video report on the tornado siren vandalism, which took place at Winnona Park Elementary last week.

According to WSB, the graffiti in the parking lot reads “Siren is EMC boondoggle.  Who is responsible?”

Decatur Police Chief Mike Booker states there are currently no leads in the case.

h/t: InDecatur