Vandalism Incident at Decatur Cemetery

A reader writes in…

There was a vandalism incident at Decatur cemetery sometime between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. A headstone was significantly defaced with toothpaste. The police were called and collected evidence, including the toothpaste box, which is being checked for fingerprints and from which they have a high level of confidence of getting some, considering it was very fresh. The perpetrator, when found, will likely face charges of criminal mischief, which, depending on the severity, could be punishable by up to 5 years.

Anyone with knowledge of this incident is asked to contact Decatur Police Investigator Vandiver.

Mailbox Vandalism on Coventry Road

Kate writes in…

Vandals apparently played “mailbox baseball” on Coventry Road [Friday] night – damaged two mailboxes and stole two others. Mine is completely gone.

Pointless and stupid. Probably just a prank by high school kids, but infuriating nevertheless.

Renfroe Community Garden Vandalized

Barrett writes in…

I am disappointed to say the Yes to Yum Garden at Renfroe Middle School was the victim of some minor vandalism.

Some swiss chard and kale was pulled up by the roots and tossed on the ground. Several melons and tomatoes were picked and thrown against the back wall to the old gym. Some of those plants were also uprooted. The tomato cages were also pulled out and thrown throughout the garden. We also had pumpkins growing which were picked and smashed. Much of the plants that did not have any fruit or vegetables growing did not receive any damage. It is discouraging that someone would do this, but we will not let it deter us as we move forward.

If anyone has any information please let us know.  I have informed the Decatur Police Department and will be informing the school principal.

More Details on Winnona Park Tornado Siren Vandalism

WSB has a new video report on the tornado siren vandalism, which took place at Winnona Park Elementary last week.

According to WSB, the graffiti in the parking lot reads “Siren is EMC boondoggle.  Who is responsible?”

Decatur Police Chief Mike Booker states there are currently no leads in the case.

h/t: InDecatur

Vandals Wake Ridgeland Resident

A resident writes in…

Crime Alert:

Friday night after 3:00 in the morning, vandals threw an object at the front door of a house on Ridgeland Ave and broke a window pane. The homeowner, who had been asleep, immediately walked outside to investigate and found a large, dark-colored SUV parked in the middle of the street at the corner of Ridgeland and Fairview. Two boys appeared to be looking at another car parked in the street. When the boys saw the homeowner, they ran towards the SUV. One of the boys was approximately 16 years old, African American and 5 feet 8 inches tall. The other boy was White, approximately 14 years old and 5 feet 4 inches tall and called the first boy “Jay” or “Jake.” As the SUV drove away, the homeowner tried to see the license plate but was not able to see the plate clearly in the dark. The homeowner thought he saw W65 9V1, however, the police did not get a hit on this number. It’s possible though, that part of plate number is correct.

If you have relevant information about this vandalism, you are encouraged to contact the investigating officer, Investigator Bellis, at 678-553-6616 or dan.bellis[at]