A Feel-Good Story For the Weekend

Sometimes it seems like negative news dominates these pages.  So there’s nothing like a positive story to serve as a little tonic for the “All News is Negative” blues.

A Heliotrope employee told this story in a comment yesterday.

Good News Story of the Day

A customer, who had come into Heliotrope with her baby to shop, made her purchase and proceeded to her car parked across WePo in front of the CVS. She sat her bag on the sidewalk while she got her child seated for the ride home. Upon arriving home, she realized what she had done.

Meanwhile, one of Decatur’s great PALS, Jonathan Scheffel, while making his appointed rounds, noticed the bag in front of CVS with no car in that spot, saw the Heliotrope logo and dutifully took it to the store.

The customer made her way back to CVS to find the bag gone. She decided to take a wild chance (knowing that her goods had been lost) and came in the store. When she heard me call out that I was so happy she had come back, here are your things, she became visibly emotional, with me soon to follow, and said her faith in the inherent goodness of people had been fully restored. (She asked her girl, “What were we looking for?” “Bag,” she replied and pointed to the counter.)

Jonathan Scheffel – Today’s Decatur Hometown Hero!

Every news junkie,myself included, should remember that for every frightening crime or misdemeanor, there are perhaps hundreds of random acts of kindness that go unreported every day.

Look at this one story as the ambassador for hundreds of thousands of others.  Or even better, add your own “kind act” story below.

8 thoughts on “A Feel-Good Story For the Weekend”

  1. just one of the reasons why i LOVE Decatur. The people here are so nice to people, babies and dogs like me

  2. There are probably many more acts of kindness every day than there are stories of crime.
    The news is dominated by crime/fear because it is dramatic and people watch it because they don’t understand how their minds work. Their minds interpret the fear and neurosis projected in the news as excitement. The chemical reaction in the brain is the same.

  3. It’s really kind of sad that an instance of somebody just doing the right thing becomes a “feel good” story. I was so sorry the other night; a server in a local restaurant expressed astonishment when we pointed out that we had been undercharged.

  4. This doesn’t make ME sad. I liked reading it. More feel good stories, please. I side with the dog.

  5. The other demon I am attempting to exorcise is the Random Pretentious Abbreviation Demon -WePo???

    1. But I think C’mont & WePo/EaPo has a nice ring to it. Even better, “Where’s Decatur? It’s at C’WePoEaPo” Or, Where’s Twain’s? It’s at Ch’inity. 🙂

    2. I’m ok with clever or useful acronyms (which I guess is the same as being against random pretentious abbreviations), but WePo doesn’t quality. I’ve forgotten what it means hundreds of times because the acronym doesn’t scan like the name it’s abbreviating. WePo looks like it should be pronounced “wee poe” which makes me think of Wifi or Wii but not West Ponce. How IS it pronounced? Wee Poe? or Weapo (like weapon or West Ponce)? I actually felt the same way about SoHo (South of Houston, pronounced Howston) when I lived in NYC. SowHow would have worked for me.

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