Sydney is One Vote Away From $1,000!

With the help of wonderful clickers such as yourself, Decatur’s 10 year-old phenom musician, Sydney Rhame, has progressed all the way to the finals in Kudzu’s “Amazing Kids” contest!

Sydney’s mom, Julie, wrote in to DM this morning with the news that Sydney had bested the smug, coughing 2 year-old singer (my description, not her’s) and now only has to take down one more set of carol-singing cuties to win the ultimate prize: $1,000!

So click here to vote for Sydney one final time and help her finance the purchase of a new guitar!  All it takes is a single click on the Kudzu site!

One thought on “Sydney is One Vote Away From $1,000!”

  1. You definitely got my vote Sydney! Start checking out those guitars. My vote would be a nice Taylor with a pick up. But that’s just me….

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