Decatur Community Can Use The Solarium Free of Charge

Thinking about holding a community function or meeting, but can’t find enough space in your cramped bungalow living room for all your energetic guests?

Well, were you aware that as a Decatur resident you can reserve the Solarium for a Community Center event or program at Old Scottish Rite free of charge?

The Community Center’s Marketing Chair, Peter Martin, recently wrote in hoping to get the word out.

So here’s the lowdown, straight off the Community Center’s website…

Who is eligible to utilize The Solarium for a Community Center program or event?

Any person or group may use The Solarium as long as:

* It is for a public event, free of charge, and open to the entire Decatur community.

* The event has no or extremely low impact to The Solarium’s building and grounds.

* The event does not conflict with any prescheduled events or booked rentals.

What are the costs?

The Community Center aims to provide the space at NO COST for public use that benefits our community and has no negative impact on buildings and grounds. Based on the size and scope of the event, however, there may be a cleaning charge of $75 and/or a facility manager charge of $12.50 per hour. These fees are waived whenever possible, and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

What’s next?

Submit a written proposal to The Community Center of South Decatur (email via [email protected] is preferred) including the following information:

* Description of the event, its purpose and benefit the Decatur community

* The proposed date(s) and time(s)

* The number of expected or targeted attendees

* Any special requirements or considerations

2 thoughts on “Decatur Community Can Use The Solarium Free of Charge”

  1. When we were married there, we received 50% off the rental fee because we lived in the 30030 zip.
    It’s a great place with a wonderful staff.

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