Zombies Can Save You Money!

Zombies may want to eat your brains, but through Sunday they can also save you money!

Mingei World Arts writes in…

Pssst.. the password is…

It’s hot on Church Street, and it’s gotten to us a little bit. We looked up from our screens and decided it was time for a little blog-inspired fun.

Through the close of business on Sunday, the right password will get you 15% off on your purchase at Mingei World Arts and/or Taste on Church Street. Need to finish your Father’s Day shopping? Have a wedding gift to buy? Come visit one of these two businesses and give us the secret Decatur Metro password as you check out. Your password is “zombies”. We are contacting other bloggers with other passwords, so show your Metro spirit and let the zombies help you save a little over the next few days. It will be interesting to see which blog readers come in!

What a great idea!

I say take it one step further and instead of just giving the word at checkout, explode into the store yelling “zombies!!”, then eye everyone in the store suspiciously before taking off down the street with arms flailing.  Then come back later – in a slightly more composed fashion – for your much-deserved discount. 🙂

One thought on “Zombies Can Save You Money!”

  1. An update from Ann at Mingei on this promotion…

    “Zombies win!

    Thanks to the Decatur Metro blog readers who shopped and screamed here over the weekend!”

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