Atlanta Was #2 in Jobs Growth Among Major Metros in May

Atlanta job snapshot May 15

With so many negative comparisons about Atlanta’s local economy out there (How many more times do we need to see a negative comparison to Nashville and Charlotte?) I figured this was a nice juxtaposition analysis from the Atlanta Regional Commission.

Here are a few findings with some of the more interesting visuals.  You can check out the full presentation HERE.  Enjoy!

When it comes to job change and employment, Atlanta performs well when compared to other U.S. metros. It ranked 2nd in relative job change against 12 other metros over the past year.

atlanta job sectors may15

Metro Atlanta exceeded its pre-recession employment peak in May 2014, finally digging out of the hole the Great Recession wrought.

total employment atl may15

ARC: Atlanta Core Loses Jobs, Fringes Gain

A new report (pdf) out from the Atlanta Regional Commission shows the areas of the Atlanta metro that experienced the largest job growth from 2000-2009.  Not surprisingly, the biggest gainers were in the fringe counties, while the old, traditional city center saw – with a few exceptions – near universal declines.

The map above gives a good overview, with the largest job gains (+1,901 – +19,446) in dark blue, modest gains (+1 – +1,190) in light blue, modest declines (0 –  -1,899) in orange and the largest declines (-1,900- -11,910) in white. (After the jump, see how Decatur specifically fared).

As for how the city has fared during the recession, compared to the nation as a whole, the report shows that Atlanta saw the fifth largest decline in employment from 2008-2010 among American cities, down 8%.

The map above can be found on page 2 of the report.

h/t: Atlanta Business Chronicle

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