MM: Trees, Soup Sign, Drive

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    1. The turnout for an informal, short-noticed meeting was awesome. I’m especially excited by the Arbor Day Festival announced by Chad Stogner. Decatur has great resources of both local experts and concerned citizens to make this a great success. Many people are just becoming aware of this issue and education needs to be an important component of the community outreach. Combining that education with large-scale tree planting makes this a win-win for people on both sides of the debate over the recently proposed and tabled ordinance. I’m looking forward to hearing more and to participating in it as more details are announced!

      1. Thanks J_T and Chadwick Stogner for jumping all over this and showcasing the true Decatur spirit that includes self-governance, volunteerism, and festivals.

        I apologize if you’ve already thought of this, but you might want to reach out to Nalley auto group, which has been sponsoring a tree campaign for a couple years now and I’m sure would love to pitch in on this. Also, Trees Atlanta has been very active in Decatur over the years – they planted 4 trees in my yard a few years ago during a tree planting drive.

        You guys and the organizations I mentioned are excellent examples of the culture and spirit of conservation that already exist here, and just need to be tapped into by anyone concerned about our tree canopy. And I think we would all be much prouder to live in a community that addresses our issues willingly and organically, with a DIY attitude, rather than through the imposition of complex and onerous government restrictions on the people.

        1. Thanks TeeRuss for the advice. I have reached out to Greg at Trees Atlanta and hope they will bring their experience to the event. Nalley’s event was for a 3 year window, but I will contact them too. This event will really be what the community makes of it, and it will need all the help and support it can get. I do want to say that while I have some strong feelings about the ordinance, this event’s only agenda is to provide the best quality and highest value trees to support the canopy in the city of Decatur. We have support on this event from both sides of the debate – and Decatur wins if we are successful .

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