Decatur Makers Announce Themselves

makersLew writes in…

 A group of us are working to establish a makerspace in the City of Decatur. In particular, we’ll be at the Arts Festival this weekend demonstrating robots and other projects as well as sharing further information.

A lot of people may not be familiar with makerspaces or the maker culture. Imagine a space that is part tool shed, part workshop, part computer lab, and part machine shop, with tools ranging from soldering irons and drill presses to CNC machines and 3D printers. Imagine a community of experts and novices all learning how to build and fix things as well as just making cool stuff.  That’s a makerspace.

There is a growing maker community in the region, and there are already several established makerspaces in Atlanta.  One of the unique things about Decatur Makers is that we are aiming to be a family-friendly space where kids as well as adults can participate fully in projects.

We are proud to be working in partnership with the Decatur Education Foundation, and we encourage anyone interested to contact us. Anyone interested can search Decatur Makers on Facebook or Google, email [email protected], or visit

I’m happy to answer any questions or hear any comments.  Thanks for helping to get the word out.

Even more info in this PDFed brochure.

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  1. Mrs. Bad Example and I will drop in to say hi and hear some more this weekend. This is very cool.

    1. It depends on what sort of equipment, expertise, and quality of space is available among other things. Decatur Makers hasn’t finalized our membership fees yet since we are still actively exploring space options. Other existing makerspaces in Atlanta listed at

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