The Old Green Awning Comes Down

Rod T notes that the green awnings that long adorned the Atlanta Bread Co. Decatur Diner has come down in prep of the new Mexican Restaurant.

34 thoughts on “The Old Green Awning Comes Down”

  1. I was just coming to note this in Free For All Friday. Now…paint over the faux-marble! (There are also giant dumpsters outside of it and lots of work going on inside. Excellent.)

  2. Taco Veloz should expand here. And yes, the faux marble, or whatever the hell the blue streaks are, needs to go.

    1. LOVE Taco Veloz! No matter how authentic I try to sound when ordering at the drive thru, they always reply in English – can’t miss that I’m a gringa.

  3. If you all thought that the faux-blue marble was tacky, just wait until they start with the “exciting patio service.” I can’t even imagine what gimmicky non-sense that will entail.

      1. I’m giving it as much of a chance as anyone ever gave the diner… If people can turn their nose up at a place mostly because they don’t like how it’s painted, I can turn my nose up at this place because it sounds mostly gimmicky. I do of course hope to be proven completely wrong, and fully plan on trying it, but in a town (metro Atlanta) full of gimmicky restaurants I’m afraid I might not be.

  4. You may call it gimmicky but I love nothing more than a weekend mariachi band. It may be somewhat cheesy but the musicians are incredible and they provide infectious fun for the whole family. My CSD Spanish student kids love to sing along.

    1. Maybe they’ll have those electric shock machines like Garibaldi Plaza in Mexico City! What a great gimmick that would be.

  5. Yep. I was just saying yesterday that I wanted to win Powerball so I could buy this damned building. First thing I would do is take a vote on Decatur Metro about whether I should whitewash the fake blue marble. When the yays won, I would make a big deal about publicly doing so. Then, in the dead of night, I’d paint it neon green and red. Be careful what you wish for!

    1. No! No! NOOOOOOOOooooo…! Please don’t repaint it! It reminds me of a swimming pool– which then reminds me of the Swimming Pools Q’s! Great band! Fun times!

      I’m gonna be real careful and wish for a seedy dive music club. Yep. That’s my wish.

          1. Deanne – do you remember a Q’s song, something like “Stick in my hand”? I get bits and pieces of memories these days, but not enough to look anything up.

  6. I love the tacky paint! I hope they keep it. we don’t need CoD to look like Alpharetta or Roswell

  7. Wow, another new business comes to town, occupies a central, vacant location, and people are already complaining. Like my Mom used to say to me in the summer…turn off the TV/computer and go outside.

    Can’t we give these people the benefit of the doubt? Be glad they are investing their $$$ here and occupying vacant retail.

    1. Nah. Investing their $$$ and occupying vacant retail is only a beginning. THEY need to invest THEIR $$$ in something that WE want. THEY have an obligation to occupy retail spaces in a functional and aesthetic way that pleases US. I mean, you gotta have standards. WE can’t let just anyone come in and do what THEY want. Once WE let that happen, THEY win, and next thing you know we will be stuck with a Walmart just down the street!

      Just don’t get me started on how to define “we”, “us”, “they” and “their”…

      1. I for one don’t want to live in the type of place where “we” get to decide what individuals and businesses are going to do visually. Perhaps you don’t like the paint color of my house. Or the art in my yard. I don’t want to live in a community by consensus. I think they call it Atlantic Station, and we all know how well that turned out.
        Communities should make regulations, of course. But when it comes to artistic choices, if you don’t like it, I believe you have every right not to eat there.

        1. Agree. Ensuring health and safety is one thing, but regulating aesthetic choices leads straight to sterile, bland surroundings with no surprises. A contrived environment that tries to keep everybody safe from disliking anything is unlikely to offer any delight for anybody.

              1. You overestimated your audience (me). Also, it would have helped if I had read the final sentence. Oh well.

              2. Maybe your message will play better now that the new Walmart thread’s up! ;0)

                (And maybe I need to go to actual smileys. My winky face hardly even winks!)

                1. Good timing, eh? I think I’ll stay out of the Walmart thread, though. Too many people here know where I live!

  8. Took over a year for Decatur Dinner to open I’ve eaten there a few time till one night the serve me a “RAW”. I call the Health Department on them. I guess they saw what they needed. I do not understand it. They where part of the dinner group that own the dinner in Midtown and WAY out in Mariette

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