Not-So-Morning Metro: MARTa, walMART, and Sustainable Rat Poetry

It ain’t morning no more, but here are a few randomly interesting links and an awesome late 70s MARTA map pic.  (Take the last train to Tucker and I’ll meet you at the station!)  Love it or lose it.

Photo courtesy of tracktwentynine via Flickr (click over to Flickr for a great summary of the map from its photog)

6 thoughts on “Not-So-Morning Metro: MARTa, walMART, and Sustainable Rat Poetry”

  1. I remember going with my parents and brother to ride the MARTA train when the Brookhaven station opened. What a thrill! If only MARTA could have lived up to its many possibilities.

    1. Sounds like in the 70s, MARTA had that on trains to show it’s future plans. If you look at the fellow’s other photos, the map was spotted on a newly rehabilitated train car circa 2006 – it just didn’t get replaced for whatever reason.

      Hope I wasn’t misunderstanding your question. The broader, existential why…MARTA likes to make us sad.

  2. “It ain’t morning no more…” Awwww, DM– yer gettin’ the hang of that Southern inflection. The South is rubbin’ off on ya! 😉

  3. I wonder where exactly the Tucker/N.DeKalb station was going to be built? I don’t recall ever seeing this on the maps in the 80s that included future lines and stations.

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