Thanksgiving Open Thread

Happy Thanksgiving Decatur-land!  All the very best to you and yours.

In honor of this day of coming together, I give you this open thread to discuss pumpkin pie, your relatives, or what you’re drinking this afternoon.

BTW, Scientific American says that the whole “tryptophan from turkey makes you sleepy” is a myth.  You’re most likely sleepy because of carbs and alcohol.


9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Open Thread”

  1. Pumpkin pie is the only proper Thanksgiving pie. My relatives are running late, and that’s inspiring additional and ill-advised Bells Two Hearted ales.


  2. Thankful for the incredible meal my husband and brother-in-law cooked almost entirely on two charcoal grills.

  3. Thanksgiving with the in-laws was just fine and I managed to get a latte before Caribou Coffee closed for the day. So life is good….

    I’m thankful for this blog, both as a social tool and as a facilitator of community transparency.

  4. Grateful to be boots on the ground in another part of the country, though we love Decatur.

    Sunday beer sales here, too!

    Thanks, DM, for providing this venue.

  5. I was just thinking all holidays should have a free for all! But maybe the night before all the insanity, too much food, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs!

  6. Spent the holiday in Maui and it has been heavenly. Sipped on Mai Tai’s and devoured pie from a local bakery…perfect!

  7. so in todays mail, the post office delivered the black friday ads…. i knew the decatur post office was insanely slow on the inside and have realized over the past few years that any mail takes an extra day or two to get to my house (even though i’m just a few streets over from the post office), but this is hilarious.

    granted, if I had a delorean, I could use all of these ads and go hit some sales, but since it’s past black friday/saturday, this stack of ads is useless. my neighbors got the ads today as well.

    interestingly, i’ve noticed depending on the driver of the post office van, if it’s the usual driver, i get the mail between 6pm-7pm, in some cases closer to 730pm. about 4-5 times a month it’s a different driver (but this one has been the “alternate” for about a year or so now) and when the alternate driver is on the route, i get the mail by 12-1 each day.

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