Little Shop Brings Back Decatur Christmas Tree

On its blog, Little Shop of Stories announces that with the help of a bunch of local sponsors, the bookstore is bringing the Decatur Christmas Tree back to the Square!

The tree will sit on top of our building, so you’ll be able to see it from the square and from Ponce all holiday long. And what would a tree be with out a tree-lighting party? So come out and join us as we kick off the season (and my favorite time of year) on Thursday, December 3 at 7 pm.

Click over to the Shop’s blog for more details!

6 thoughts on “Little Shop Brings Back Decatur Christmas Tree”

  1. YAY! As a small token of my thanks, I’ll make sure to buy a couple of extra books per niece/nephew this year…

    1. Thankfully, NG, our local government is blessedly uninvolved, so our friends at Little Shop and the DBA are unencumbered to thrill and/or offend at their own discretion.

      Free market Christianity, yo!

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