Clarkston Shooting Victim Calls on DPD For Help; Closes Church Street

Clark and Linda wrote in reporting crime scene tape across Church Street this afternoon, with an ambulance on site and a helicopter overhead.

Chief Booker quickly responded to my inquiry with details…

…the Decatur Police Department responded to a person shot call in the parking lot of DeKalb Probation located in the 500 block of Church Street. Investigations revealed the subject had a non life threatening gunshot wound. The incident occurred outside the city limits of Decatur. The appropriate police department was notified and responded to the scene and the investigation was turned over to them for follow up. It is currently under investigation by the Clarkston Police Department. Hope this clarifies the incident, we weren’t sure initially if the crime scene was here or somewhere else thus the reason for the crime scene tape and rerouting of traffic.

As always, I appreciate DPD’s quick response – on both on 911 calls AND email inquiries!

15 thoughts on “Clarkston Shooting Victim Calls on DPD For Help; Closes Church Street”

        1. The shooting did not occur inside the city limits. From Chief Booker’s note, it sounds like it probably occurred in Clarkston. The victim was driven to that parking lot, which is inside the Decatur city limits, and someone called the police.

          It’s the second time I’ve reported on such an event in the past six months. I wonder if it’s done for a specific reason…

          1. To get to that location from Clarkston, you have to drive right past Dekalb Medical, which makes it all the more curious, I get the non-life-threatening part, (merely a flesh wound), but why drive right past a hospital?

            1. No, Clarkston to Decatur would take you right down Ponce. Near, but not right past DeKalb Medical. Still interesting as to why one would drive all that way and then call police.

            2. Actually, Steve, traveling down Ponce from Clarkston one would cross over Dekalb Industrial, which in effect is driving right pass Dekalb Medical.

            3. You also cross N. Decatur Rd, which takes you even closer to DeKalb Medical. Either way, you must take a deliberate right turn and drive a mile, which I don’t classify as “pass by”.

            4. ok, you’re right, Steve, it’s a mile away from ponce so it makes more sense to drive to Church and Commerce and call the police. it make sense to me now. I’ll remember that next time I’m traveling from Clarkston with a shooting victim in my car. (snark alert!)

  1. Yeah sorry about that Chad. Should have been more specific…but Scott is right about both it’s location (Church between Commerce & Ponce) and it’s curiosity .

  2. Hmmm. I figure that the driver and the injured party were probably driving around, while arguing/discussing what to do, and eventually they found themselves in downtown Decatur.

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