"Open City Hall" Now Online

Linda Harris writes in to let us know that the first two questions in the city’s new “Open City Hall”forum are now posted online at the city’s website.

This beta public forum will allow residents to voice their opinions directly to the city regarding issues currently being considered by the commission.   You can only post once, so its not really a forum for discussion, but can go back and edit your opinion if you end up changing your mind down the road.  Also, you are required to input your name and address, but have the option of remaining anonymous to site viewers and the city if desired.

The first two questions ask for your stance on annexation and urban farming.   (I might suggest reading through the city manager’s new report of annexation before commenting on the former) Also according to Linda, “The next two questions will be related to transportation and downtown development and the final two will be taxes and greenspace.  We will post them during the next month and leave them up for three months.”

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