I Can't Freakin' Park in the CVS Plaza Anymore!

For the past few weeks its been damn near impossible to find a open parking spot in the CVS plaza, as nearly every space is taken on any given night.  Going to pick up a pizza from Mellow Mushroom has become an adventure it never was in the past. Taking those sharp corners and looking for a spot,  I now often park behind Mellow Mushroom if I’m lucky or (if I’m not) out by Decatur First Bank.

“What the heck is going on?!” I thought, dodging an oncoming minivan.

And then it hit me.

It’s a result of JBL putting up those solar-powered parking meters in the 315 W. Ponce lot and threating people more publicly with fines and booting if they parked there.  So now, instead of paying to park at 315, all of the people that used to illegally park there have moved across Ponce Pl into the CVS plaza where its a lot more difficult to spot someone that is not frequenting the establishments in that plaza.

Well, I think it just plain stinks.  All of these empty parking lots and for one reason or another (be it location or price) everyone still parks on the street or at CVS.

We need viable alternatives!  My pizza is getting cold!