Comparing 315. W. Ponce Plans to Other Decatur Condos

David over at InDecatur might have been right when he used the word “cram” to describe what JLB developers have proposed to put in the parking lot behind the old Wachovia building at 315 W. Ponce. Here’s a comparison (in units) of JLB’s plan vs. other existing downtown Decatur condo complexes.

Proposed 315 W. Ponce complex – 220 units (& 50-70 hotel rooms)

Compare that to…

335 W. Ponce – 70 units

The Artisan Phase 1 – 77 units

The Artisan Phase 2 – 50 units [thanks to Carl for giving me a hard # in the comments section]

Decatur Renaissance – 168 units

Townsquare Condos – 105 units

More units than the Renaissance?! Yikes…that’s a big, empty parking lot, but its not THAT big. Let’s just pray the development needs variances from the city, otherwise the city and neighborhood may be working with limited bargaining chips.

I’m also just realizing that this development will mean longer lines at Tacqueria…

Data and photos taken from

UPDATE: David points out that the floor plans probably won’t be as spacious as other Decatur condo developments in order to squeeze the 220 condos into the space.

I’m wondering if JBL has checked out how well the smaller, 1 bedroom condos over at the Renaissance are selling… I’ve seen a lot of empty balconies over there…