Your Favorite Burger in Atlanta

Apparently it’s National Burger Day?  (Who comes up with these things?)

So let’s spend a moment and talk about our current favorite burgers in the Atlanta metro.  Where do you get yours??

What’s Your Favorite Taco in Atlanta?

I asked in last week’s FFAF if readers were interested in a return of these “Your Favorite” posts.  The feedback was prettypositive, so let’s get back to it!

Let’s start with an oldie but a goodie.  What’s currently your favorite taco in the Atlanta metro?

Photo of Rreal tacos courtesy of Zagat

Your Favorite Atlanta Spring Festival

decatur arts fest toilets

The tornadoes of pollen and spastic carpenter bees are telltale signs of the commencement of Spring along the Georgia Piedmont.

To combat all the subtle annoyances of lust-filled nature, humans congregate at events they call “festivals”.  It’s a reason to get out in the sunshine, converse with each other, and devour King of Pops.

But there are so many great Atlanta Spring Festivals these days.  What are your favorites?

Decatur Arts Festival Portolets photo courtesy of DM

Your Favorite Bloody Mary in Atlanta/Decatur

holeman bloody mary

Sarah wrote in with the following “Your Favorite” request…

My husband and I were just talking about not knowing where to go for the best Bloody Mary in Decatur. Know of a few good places around Atlanta, but non specifically in Decatur. Would love to see it on a Your Favorite post bc I would love to enjoy one or two on the weekends!

Photo courtesy of Holeman & Fitch Facebook page

Your Favorite Food Delivery Options in Decatur/Atlanta


I’ve found that I really miss all the great recommendations we used to get from these “Your Favorite” posts.

I admit that I don’t have a great reason for not continuing them, so let’s start them back up!  One a week at least, right??  Feel free to send me ideas too at [email protected]  I’m all ears, uh…eyes?  Yikes.

Anyway, here’s a conversation to get us back on the train.  What’s your favorite food to have delivered in Atlanta/Decatur?  And if the conversation veers off into a discussion on the merits of UberEats, I’m good with that too!

Photo: I think I took it?