Decatur Notes Retail Vacancies Are At Just 5%, Even After Recent Closings of Local Favs

Many local residents felt the one-two sting after the recent closing of local favorite Yogurt Tap and popular chain Cook’s Warehouse/Sherlock’s Wine Merchant in the last few months.

But the city reminds us that while the short term loss is real, the longer-term trends remain quite strong.  The recent Decatur Focus notes that “The downtown Decatur commercial retail vacancy rate is around 5 percent, which is significantly lower than the national average of 11.3 percent. In 2016, the City of Decatur had a net gain of businesses and employees. The handful of key storefronts that are currently vacant will most likely not be vacant for long.”

In fact, there’s already a new occupant in the old Yogurt Tap space.  And while that Cook’s Warehouse space looks a bit like a sad, empty concrete gymnasium at the moment, we’re interested to see what will fill in that massive, unique space.

What retail gaps would you like to see filled in Decatur this year?

The Yogurt Tap Donating 100% of Profits Today

Lindsey from The Yogurt Tap sends along this flyer…


High School Students Document “Yogurt Wars” in Downtown Decatur

Bruce sends along this great little production created by some high school students in a Learning Tribe documentary film class.  According to Bruce, the creation of this video was “a fledgling effort in front of and behind the camera for the students.”

Nice work everyone!

Yogurt Wars from Bruce Miller on Vimeo.

Red Mango Frozen Yogurt Opening on North Decatur Road

Tomorrow’s News Today reports that Red Mango Frozen Yogurt is opening in the North Decatur @ Clairmont Road strip mall with Eagle Eye Bookstore and Willy’s.  Opening is projected for two months from now.

TNT’s summary of the area’s frozen yogurt price wars is particularly interesting…

In terms of weight, the local standard had been 39 cents per ounce but that has varied somewhat of late. Months ago, with no competition in the immediate area, Sprout’s saw an opportunity and priced their product at 56 cents per ounce. With Yogli Mogli now a stone’s throw away, they knocked their price down to match Yogli Mogli at 39 cents. In Decatur, The Yogurt Tap opened at and has remained at 39 cents, but Menchie’s over at Toco Hills is charging 44 cents per ounce. Red Mango Dunwoody is charging 45 cents, which figures to be the price for the new North Decatur location as well.