Westchester Drive Getting a New Sidewalk and Other Decatur Sidewalk Repairs

Do you like sides of the road designed specifically for walking?

Also on tonight’s Decatur City Commission agenda, new and improved sidewalks around Decatur!  Spit straight out a note from Asst. City Manager David Junger to City Manager Peggy Merriss, here are the recipients of this year’s $150,000 in sidewalk improvements.  Jackhammer drumroll please…

  • Clairemont Ave from Michigan Ave to the northern city limits, repairs
  • Derrydown Way/Poplar Circle pedestrian bridge over Shoal Creek, removal and replacement
  • Kirk Road from South Candler Street to Avery Street, repairs or replacement of existing sidewalk on northern side of street
  • Maxwell Street from Oakview Road to Third Avenue, repairs to both sides of the street
  • Westchester Drive from Scott Boulevard to Dogwood Way, new sidewalk on one side of street

Why did Westchester get a NEW sidewalk?  According to Mr. Junger’s note, they asked.  And over 75% of residents in the area were in favor. Well, alright then!