Check Out and Provide Feedback on Concepts To “Transform West Howard Avenue”

Decatur residents have just a few more days – June 30th! – to provide online feedback on the city’s concepts to “Reimagine West Howard Avenue”.  Click here to do so on Open City Hall.  331 of your neighbors have already done so! (as of the time of publication)

Here’s the city’s summary from Open City Hall for your reference…

Studies have been conducted to examine solutions that will transform Howard Avenue into a more lively street, using public art, landscaping, street furniture, lighting, and programming.

“Reimagine West Howard Avenue” Open House Tomorrow

From The Decatur Minute

The City of Decatur is exploring ideas to improve the safety, comfort, and sense of place along West Howard Avenue using low-cost, semi-permanent materials.

Join us for a public open house about this project on Tuesday, June 20th to learn more and share your feedback on a preliminary design for the corridor.

When: Thursday, June 20, 6- 7:30 p.m.

Where: Atlanta Friends Meeting,  701 W Howard Ave, Decatur, GA 30030

For more information, contact Michelle Hirose, Senior Engineer, at [email protected]

West Howard Ave is a Sheet of Ice

So says Andisheh.  And he provides this photo to back up the observation.

West Howard Avenue Speed Limit Going Back Up…Sorta

At last night’s city commission meeting, Public Works Manager David Junger informed the commission that the 30 mph speed limit recently approved by the commission had been rejected by the Georgia Department of Transportation and would have to be raised back to 35mph.

The resulting conversation revealed some interesting rules regarding setting speed limits.  First, local governments can put up speed limit signs that say whatever they want, but the only enforceable limits are those backed up by the GDOT.  Secondly, GDOT uses some sort of “85% rule” to determine road speed limits, though I must admit Mr. Junger was talking over my head at that point and yelling follow-up questions at my television went unnoticed.

So, the city commission begrudgingly approved replaceing the old 30mph signs with the old 35mph signs.  (The enforceable speed limit was never actually changed)  The move was made with the express intent that the city would now begin strongly enforcing the speed limit in the West Howard corridor.

City Manager Peggy Merriss reminded the commission – and those in attendance – that much of that strip of road is still a school zone with a 25mph limit during school hours.  According to Ms. Merriss, school zone fines are often in excess of $400 a pop.