UPDATED: Decatur Special Meeting To Approve School Bond Being Rescheduled

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UPDATE 1/26 -9:52a: I received this message from City Manager Merriss this morning…

The called meeting for the City of Decatur Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) scheduled for 3:45pm today and the called City Commission Meeting scheduled for 4:00pm today have been cancelled and will be rescheduled.

The City Commission Meeting was called for the purpose of approving the issuance of General Obligation Bonds for school purposes but the bond bid will be rescheduled to allow additional time for the City of Decatur and the City Schools of Decatur to complete some due diligence items.

The URA Meeting was scheduled because the City Commission was already going to be at City Hall but that is no longer the case and it will be rescheduled to a more appropriate time.

UPDATE 1/26:  I followed up with the City Manager and asked about the special timing of the meeting.  She replied that the bonds are actually being bid this morning and the city commission needs to approve their issuance.  Since the State of the City is at 5:15p, they are trying to get in the vote before that.

City Manager Peggy Merriss has announced that the Decatur City Commission will hold a special meeting tomorrow at 4pm to vote on approving the issuance of $75 million in General Obligation Bonds for the City Schools of Decatur that a majority of voters cast “Yes” votes for in last November’s election.

The agenda for the afternoon meeting shows that there will be time for public comment prior to the vote.

As many of you are aware, CSD asked the general public for the bonds to expand its infrastructure to accommodate growing enrollment.  More than 3 in 4 Decatur residents voted in favor of the bond.

City Manager Merriss also noted that the Urban Redevelopment Authority will meet at 3:45p tomorrow to elect new officers and confirming new members.

Graphic courtesy of CSD

City To Discuss Purchase of Callaway Building Site Tonight

Prior to tonight’s Decatur City Commission meeting, the city’s Urban Redevelopment Authority (which will consist of Mayor Baskett, and Commissioners Cunningham and Boykin) is scheduled to meet at 6:30pm to consider the purchase of DeKalb County’s Callaway Building site.

Documents for the meeting spell out that the city would pay the greater of…


According to an article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle last month, the city will potentially work with Cousins Properties to redevelop the site.

If the sale is finalized, the agreement between the city and the county would allow the county 18 months to move off the property, while the city could use currently unoccupied space for municipal court services while the Beacon Hill complex is under-construction.

If you’ve got some serious time to kill, you can read through all the legalese in the attachments HERE.