Filming at The Grange: An Inside Report

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Is that Tyler Perry way in the back?

Darren writes in with a report and some pics from a wild and crazy day of filming at The Grange.

About 3 times as many people and stuff showed up then what I expected for the 1.5 minute scene at the pub! Amazing as 5 people have speaking parts it means they shoot the scene 5 times with at least 5 different angles!

All very professional and amazingly fast at setting up – the slow downs were the lighting and artistic guys getting the shots the way they wanted them. That was Tyler Perry’s black RV by the dumpsters. The other cast were bussed in from nearby hotels.

We’ll be back open on Wednesday.

A few more pics after the jump…

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Movie Action at The Grange

grange movie

The Grange was bustling this morning in preperation for filming of Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married Too?”  The pub is closed today and tomorrow for filming.

No star-sightings to report, just lots of sleepy-looking grips.

FYI…the distortion in the photo above is due to my walk-while-snapping technique, not because the pub was being sucked into some kind of vortex.

Tyler Perry Filming at The Grange Monday

First on DM…

The Grange Public House will be closed this coming Monday and Tuesday for filming of Tyler Perry’s upcoming sequel “Why Did I Get Married Too?“, which stars Janet Jackson.

The Decatur neighborhood pub was originally slated only to be closed Tuesday, but the unexpected death of brother Michael has altered Janet’s schedule.  Therefore filming will take place Monday, but the Grange will remained closed both days.

Small world.