Atlanta – Say or See Something

I’m really unsure about whether I’ve ever posted this before, but this Flickr/Twitter map of Atlanta is still pretty cool. Tweets are in blue, Flickr posts are in orange and where both occur are white.  Note the distinct patterns for Hartsfield-Jackson airport, Stone Mountain, Piedmont Park and downtown Decatur.

These maps are courtesy of Eric Fischer, who posted a bunch of these maps for many of the worlds major cities on Flickr.

The North America map is pretty interesting as well.  Lots to say east of the Mississippi and lots more to see west of it.

h/t: Atlantic Cities: The Coolest Maps of London

Learn About Eddie & Agnes First!

Daren Wang tweets

I’ll be announcing the first concert in the Eddie & Agnes series on Twitter first. We’ve got a contract, just need to work out the details!

Think that might merit a follow?  If so click -> @darenwang

If that isn’t enough, Daren promises to promote many more of his “hare-brained ideas” there.  And what would Decatur be without a big book festival with sponsored port-o-lets and beer that costs in excess of $2,000??

Apparently the Decatur Beer Festival Isn’t Sold Out Yet

I’m not sure what the heck happened, but after I received word from a very reliable source late last week that all Decatur Beer Festival tickets had been sold, I received this “Tweet” from TicketAlternative.

@DMetro more Decatur Beer Featival tickets will be released soon. Follow @TixAlt_GA for details

So, what the heck happened?  I’m not entirely sure, but I’ll certainly let you know if and when more tickets magically appear online.

City of Decatur Tweets

And I’m not talking about our squawky West Courthouse Square building.

For all you Twitter addicts, the city of Decatur (aka Linda Harris) now has its own account.  Click here to follow.

Incidentally, DM is also on Twitter.  And I’m even more hilarious when restricted to 140 characters.