Sydney Rhame Just Took the Last Open Slot in “The Voice” Blind Auditions

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Decatur’s Sydney Rhame just closed out the last episode of “The Voice” blind auditions by capturing the last open slot on Pharrell Williams’ team.

And if you happened to miss it, you can watch it below!!

Congrats Sydney!!

Tune In Tonight To See Sydney Rhame on “The Voice”

sydney rhame

We have it on good authority that you should tune in to “The Voice” tonight at 8pm on NBC if you’re interested in seeing Decatur’s Sydney Rhame audition.

Good luck to Sydney and the whole Rhame family!

Decatur’s Sydney Rhame Featured on “The Voice” Tonight

You all gonna watch Decatur’s own Sydney Rhame on the season premiere of “The Voice” tonight?!

(She’s briefly featured around the 1:30 mark in the new season preview above.)