AJC: Atlantans Will Pay for Transportation Fixes, But There’s No Trust

A new, interesting poll out this morning from the AJC for anyone who’s sat on a front stoop and lamented/championed Atlanta residents’ lack of willingness to address the metro region’s transportation problem.   Among the more intriguing findings from the fishwrap…

  • Nearly two-thirds, 64 percent, would pay a new fee or tax to create well designed public transit options that would benefit the region.
  • Sixty-eight percent of Cobb and Gwinnett respondents supported “strongly or somewhat” expanding train service beyond Fulton and DeKalb; 39 percent supported it strongly. Only 22 percent in Cobb and Gwinnett opposed it strongly.
  • …more than 70 percent of Fulton and DeKalb respondents would pay more for roads.

What’s the problem then and why did T-SPLOST go down in a blaze of touch-screen glory?  Trust, according to the poll.  But why the lack of trust and how can political figures regain it?  Well the poll provides answers to those questions too!  Check it out.

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Will Clayton County Come to MARTA’s Aid?

Interesting developments in Clayton County with two new county commissioners who support putting a referendum before county residents to join Fulton and DeKalb in contributing to the penny sales tax, which supports MARTA.

WABE reports that new commissioners Jeff Turner and Shana Rooks support the measure.  This is in sharp contrast to the two recently ousted incumbents who were opposed to such a measure.

A majority of Clayton’s five commissioners would have to support a measure to get it onto the November ballot.   Since the defeat of T-SPLOST last month, transit advocates have been lobbying Clayton to join MARTA.

Map: How Metro Atlanta Voted on T-SPLOST

Here’s a great map from the Atlanta Regional Commission giving visual representation to how all 10 metro Atlanta counties on T-SPLOST last week.  Breakdown overall is unsurprising, but there are some interesting insights in there.  Like the highest %s of “yes” votes seem to stretch along the proposed Clifton Corridor line and the east side of the Beltline.  And that Cobb saw higher % of yes votes along I-75.  Stuff like that.


h/t: Atlanta Business Chronicle via That’s Just Peachy

Decatur Mayor Bill Floyd Reacts to T-SPLOST Vote

Decatur Mayor Bill Floyd writes in…

I am glad it is over and that there is no doubt what the voters wanted… or did not want. It was in my opinion decisive. I spent most of my time last year arriving at the list of projects to vote on and if that list is why anyone voted no then I certainly share the responsibility for the no vote. If it is mistrust of elected officials, since I have been an elected official for 21 years, I certainly share that responsibility also. This vote brought together people of different parties, different races and different cultures on both sides of the issue. I think good can and will come from that. My hope now is that we will work together as we search for a method to move forward. I do not think that simply revising the list of projects and trying another vote would provide a different response from the voters. But our traffic problems did not go away with the vote. I promise to work together with Governor Deal, Mayor Reed, other elected officials and all who wish to participate in a positive way to move this region forward. Today, let’s dedicate ourselves to finding the solution that will inspire all of us stand together and say… YES!!!!

Bill Floyd, Mayor Decatur, GA

T-SPLOST Fails to Pass By Big Margin, Brookhaven Becomes Georgia’s Newest City

Looks like Atlanta metro area voters disapproved of T-SPLOST by a 2:1 margin.  Gov. Deal told the AJC he’ll now take a “central role” in the metro’s transportation planning.  What’s Gov. Deal’s “Plan B’?  Jim Galloway got the scoop.

In other July 31st vote-related news, DeKalb has another new city on the way: Brookhaven.  The city will officially incorporate on December 17th. USA Today has a story this morning about Georgia’s “mostly white” new cities and the challenges they create and face.


Mayor Floyd: Vote “Yes” on T-SPLOST, “There Won’t Be” a Better Option Later

Decatur Mayor Bill Floyd writes in urging folks still with outstanding T-SPLOST questions to attend a transportation rally Monday on Decatur Square.  Click the flyer to the right to enlarge (PDF).  Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis, State Senators and Reps, and more will be in attendance, along with Mayor Floyd.

Additionally, Floyd, a man with deep knowledge of the Atlanta metro’s political system’s capabilities, writes in no uncertain terms…

This vote is crucial. Don’t vote no because you think there will be a better option later, there won’t be, and don’t not vote because you think your vote will not matter. Every vote is essential. It is our time to step up to the plate, take our responsibility and move this region forward. Let’s not let our children or grandchildren have to go to some other part of the country for jobs that should be here. Please vote YES. Bill Floyd


T-SPLOST: The Final Discussion (Yeah, Right!)

With the T-SPLOST vote one week away, it’s time for a final, dedicated discussion.  Don’t ya think?  Leave it all on the field.

Here are a few of links of T-SPLOST overviews and recent discussions on the 1% sales tax to keep the ball rolling…



Now that you’ve read and considered the information/statements in all of those links, will you vote yes or no next Tuesday?

Pic courtesy of Chad – It’s the EOTS pic that just keeps on giving!!