Sobban Korean Southern Diner Closing


Eater is reporting that Sobban, the Korean Southern Diner on Clairmont Road opened by the owners of celebrated Heirloom Market BBQ in late 2013, is closing.

The site says that issues with DeKalb County and the owners plans to open a second Heirloom Market BBQ in Seoul, South Korea, are prompting the close.

But good news for fans of the restaurant that don’t mind a bit of a drive – the Heirloom owners are considering reopening Sobban in another metro Atlanta area closer to Heirloom Market BBQ on the northwest side of the city.  So stick around for that and maybe you can grab a bite while you’re stuck in gridlock trying to go to a Braves game at Suntrust Park!

Heirloom Market BBQ Owners’ Opening “Decatur’s Korean Southern Diner” on Clairmont Road

James points us to a recent post on Eater Atlanta, which references a tweet from Heirloom Market from July 13th…

Sobban- Small wooden table reserved for humble meals; most popular during the Lee Dynasty. Decatur’s Korean Southern Diner.

As reported here previously, the Heirloom Market BBQ owners recently lease the old Arby’s-turned-Kitsch’n 155 on Clairmont Road.