Twist & Scoot Press Release Announces Late August Open

Linda Harris was good enough to send along this press release she recently received from the good folks at Twist & Scoot, who are opening their second Atlanta location next between Whit’s End and Dancing Goats on West Ponce….

ATLANTA, Georgia – August 13, 2008 – Who knew going green could be so much fun? Twist ‘n’ Scoot Motorscoot- ers in Atlanta announces their second scooter store will open in late August, 2008 at 431 W. Ponce de Leon Ave. in downtown Decatur.

Twist ‘n’ Scoot is the Atlanta-area dealer for the major brands, Genuine Scooter Company and SYM , including the Genuine “Buddy”, a retro-styled scooter considered one of the most popular scooters in the U.S. today. Both brands come with manufacturer’s warranties for two years, parts and labor. Twist ‘n’ Scoot offers a complete service department, as well as helmets, clothing and accessories. Continue reading “Twist & Scoot Press Release Announces Late August Open”

Twist & Scoot To Open in Intaglia Space

We’ve been hearing rumblings about a scooter store for months now. Most recently the city teased us in the Decatur Focus with news that a scooter store was coming, but gave few details. Well, thanks to Jeff at Whit’s End, I finally have a name and location for you! ….drumroll please….

Midtown’s Twist & Scoot will open a new store in the old Intaglia space on West Ponce. No details yet as to when, but they certainly couldn’t have picked a better time to expand, with scooter sales going up faster than gas prices. A recent Time Magazine article (“10 Things You Can Like About $4 Gas“) says that Vespa sales are up 109% since last year.

Perhaps the close proximity to our house will help convince my wife of my undying NEED for a sporty little scooter. But unfortunately, MARTA is still a more viable option for me. 😉

Best of luck to all involved!

[Midtown location photo courtesy of Flickr]

Scooter Store Coming to Decatur?

An agenda item for the Planning Commission meeting tomorrow night makes it sound like the city is in the process of securing and accommodating a new scooter dealership. See below…

4.  Consideration of amendments to the text of the zoning ordinance to allow the sale of electric personal assistive mobility devices and two-wheel motorized vehicles in the C-1 local commercial zoning districts.

This was also mentioned at the City Commission meeting on April 21st.

You may remember that back in September 2007, the city openly wooed a local scooter store in Decatur Focus. Sounds like they may have found someone.