DeKalb Hazardous Waste Recycling This Saturday

The DeKalb County Sanitation Division is hosting its biannual household hazardous waste recycling event this Saturday, Oct. 21 from 8 a.m. – noon, at the Sanitation Division’s Central Transfer Station, 3720 Leroy Scott Drive in Decatur.

If you’re a DeKalb County resident, dead on over and recycle aerosols, batteries, adhesives, flammables, lawn care products, fluorescent light bulbs, photo chemicals, artist supplies, paint and paint-related products!

However, don’t try to recycle s agricultural waste, ammunition, pharmaceuticals, radioactive materials, and biohazardous and biomedical waste.  Those items won’t be accepted.

Photo courtesy of DeKalb Sanitation 

Decatur Christmas Tree Recycling Runs Through January 8th

Here’s your annual info on Decatur’s Christmas Tree recycling, courtesy of the City of Decatur…

Christmas Tree Recycling 2015
Monday, Dec. 28, 2015 through Saturday, Jan. 9, 2016

City of Decatur residents can drop off live Christmas trees at the annual “Bring One for the Chipper” event at the Agnes Scott College parking lot between 184 and 206 S. Candler St. Please do not leave Christmas trees anywhere else on the Agnes Scott campus.

For more information about solid waste and recycling services, call 404-377-5571, Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4 pm.

DeKalb Makes Recycling Free To All Residents

The AJC reports this morning that the DeKalb County Commission voted on Tuesday to make recycling services free to all residents, eliminating a one-time $30 subscription fee.  According to the article, DeKalb County recycling participation is only at 21% currently, and the commissioners hope to double that number by waiving the fee.

The the fee has been eliminated, residents still need to opt-in and sign up in order to participate.

Winnona Park “Green Captains” Write Letter to the Community

Who are the Winnona Park Elementary “Green Captains”?  They are 16 third graders who “helped the school ‘Go Green’ throughout this [past school] year”!  As a final project, they’ve written an open letter to Decatur Metro readers.  Here it is in full.  Great job Green Captains!

We are the Green Captains at Winnona Park Elementary in Ms. Sisler’s third grade class.

Do you know what goes in the recycling bin and what doesn’t? Styrofoam, plate glass, and certain numbers of plastics (according to the county) DON’T go in the recycling bin. [editors note: In the city of Decatur, almost all plastics can be recycled!] Newspapers, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and cardboard DO go in the recycling bin.

How can you help the environment – by buying organic foods! Organic foods are better than conventional foods because they don’t use pesticides. Pesticides kill pests. But they also kill other animals besides pests such as birds. They also may harm humans. Conventional farmers plant GMO’s (genetically modified organisms/foods). They are so new, we don’t know if they are good. Organic farmers don’t use any of these.

How do you make compost? The first important thing you do to make a worm compost is to buy a worm apartment or bin and worms, or you can dig worms from the ground. Red wigglers make the best worms for composting. The next important thing you can do is fill your bin or apartment with soil. The last thing you can do is put any food scraps except orange peels, dry veggies, dairy or meat. Another idea is you could install more composting bins so that our community will compost more food scraps and yard waste like grass clippings and leaves.

Thank you for understanding our feelings for making the world go green.

Ms. Sisler’s third grade Green Captains

Ack! There’s Decatur Electronics Recycling Tomorrow!

So, I recall the City Manager mentioning this at the conclusion of the last Decatur City Commission meeting, but I never posted anything.  Thanks to Nubbs for reminding me with her FFAF comment!  Here are the details from the city’s website

Don’t throw away that old cell phone, camera or PC component! Save it and recycle it on Saturday, March 19, 2011 at Decatur’s Electronics Recycling event. This semi-annual event has been hugely successful at diverting electronic equipment from landfills, where they may contaminate soil and water. Batteries will be accepted.

TV’s will be recycled for a minimal fee of $10 cash only per TV set with exact change. There is no charge to recycle other items.

The event takes place Saturday, March 19 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Decatur High School Parking lot, on the corner of N. McDonough St. and W. Howard Avenue. Electronics dropped off that day will be sorted and disassembled into raw materials or cleaned for re use.

In addition to electronics, any metro area resident can also drop off batteries of any type.

Decatur Electronics Recycling – October 30th

From Decatur City Commissioner Patti Garrett’s blog

The Fall 2010 Decatur Electronics Recycling Day is set for Saturday, October 30 from 9am – 1 pm. Anyone can bring their old electronics to the Decatur High School parking lot at the corner of North McDonough Sreet and West Howard Avenue.

Unfortunately, styrofoam cannot be accepted this year, but TV’s can be recycled for $10 cash, exact change.

If you’re interested in volunteering at the Electronics Recycling Day contact Sandy Johnson at 404-377-5571.

Agnes Scott Recycles with the Best of ‘Em

From Agnes Scott’s communications office

Agnes Scott College is the top-ranked college in Georgia and No. 35 nationally in this year’s RecycleMania Grand Champion Division.

RecycleMania is a national college and university recycling competition. About 600 colleges and universities signed up for the 10-week competition, which pits institutions all over the country against each other in several categories to see which school can recycle the largest portion of their waste.

…“What was different for 2010? This year Agnes Scott has a closed loop policy – simultaneously encouraging green purchasing and aggressive waste reduction,” said Susan Kidd, director of sustainability at Agnes Scott. “The campus community’s support of this policy, along with the initiation of a food composting program, gave our numbers a real boost in the competition.”

Photo courtesy of Agnes Scott College